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In early October, Colt Whittall, chief user experience officer of the U.S. Air Force, Office of Secretary of the Air Force, kicked off the chapter's inaugural, newly minted webinar "New Horizons - Accelerating Change"- Distinguished Speaker Series, sponsored by Red Hat. Mr. Whittall is responsible for improving Air Force user experience with the department's huge range of information technology (IT); the first such position in the Department of Defense. Whittall delivered an incredibly informative discussion about how the Air Force is transforming and improving its user experience and the meaningful progress made to date to optimize existing applications; the user journey with IT; and the department's IT infrastructure. He noted that he is a proponent of moving toward solid-state drives; implementing standard design systems as a UX tool in designing new systems; and assiduously collecting/analyzing user data (akin to an IT service company) to underpin continuous improvement.


The chapter held the 15th Annual Cybersecurity and Technology Day in October. This was an excellent opportunity to learn more about cybersecurity best practices, view and demo the latest cyber and technology products/services available and to network with peers. The event featured local speakers and local companies, which encouraged local networking.

ECUADOR CHAPTER - 10/01/2020

"AFCEA Ecuador confers this memory in gratitude and support in the formation process of our chapter to AFCEA International. June 2020."

During the first official meeting of the chapter held in February at Circulo Militar in Quito, Ecuador, the old staff members selected new officers. The selected officers were: María Dolores Santos, president; Carlos Rodríguez Arrieta, first vice president; Col. Patricio Salazar (Ret.), second vice president; Valentina Almedia, secretary; Luis Recalde, treasurer.

As the new president of the chapter, Santos is strongly motivated to support all of the chapter's activities and planning.

Currently, Ecuador requires a lot of support, cooperation, investment, development and international innovation, to rescue the country from its problems that include social, political, economic difficulties, as well as those arising from COVID-19 and corruption.

Despite quarantine and considering that Ecuador has been suffering one of the ... READ MORE


In September, Joy Montgomery, chapter vice president of scholarships, presents on how to help grow STEM programs in local schools. In September, Joy Montgomery, chapter vice president of scholarships and a strategic advisor for startup companies, shared a program on how to become the catalyst to grow STEM programs in schools where members have a connection. Chapter members contact the schools, introduce the program and provide an application. Completed applications are returned to the chapter where they are judged. The winning teams receive scholarships to assist with the purchase of supplies needed to carry out the STEM project. Advisors are matched to assist the team with the project. Advisors can be from AFCEA chapters or members of the community. Sponsors can provide cash or in-kind services.

Be a Judge. Be an Advisor. Be a Sponsor. Be the Catalyst! The chapter is happy to share the program with others.

Joy can be reached at


In September, the webinar organized by the chapter was attended by 90 representatives of government institutions, military, academia and industry.
The recent ability to encode information in quantum systems, such as atoms, is at the origin of an ongoing revolution in information technology (IT), namely, quantum technologies. Although incipient, this technology will bring new paradigms that allow encrypted communications with much greater security, information processing with much greater speed, and detectors with much greater sensitivity.
These discoveries, disruptive for IT, have strategic and sovereign implications. Also, given that quantum technologies are still at an early stage of development, they also represent an opportunity for differentiation and competitive advantages for those who bet on them early.


In September/October, Stephanie Ricciardi (in back) and her race buddy happily cross their finish line in this year's virtual 5K Run for STEM. (Photo is a winner in the race's  The chapter's Young AFCEANs (YACs) led by race director Will Keller, YAC president (industry), Copious Imaging, sponsored its Annual 5K Run/Walk for STEM virtually this year in September and October. With the help of generous sponsors and more than 140 race participants, the YACs raised almost $10,000. Partnering with Donors Choose, the proceeds will benefit Massachusetts classrooms requesting funding for STEM-related projects and activities. The race was both fun and competitive for participants with $500 in prizes awarded to male and female winners in two race categories (5km Division and Total Distance Division) and in the "Best Picture" category. The 5km Division winners included Seth Perry and Kristen Northrup (Under 30); Michael McGinley and Maribel Gonzalez (30-49); and Herman Correa-Diaz and Ruth Cardona Suarez (seniors over 50). There were six Total Distance awardees and ten for Best Picture.


Upcoming event information:
TO AGILE AND THE CLOUD - ILS-S CCE/Cloud One Self-Migration Overview
Date: September 24 at 11:30 AM

The Integrated Logistics System - Supply (ILS-S) is one of the largest mission applications in the United States Air Force (USAF) with 20,000 direct users and over 180,000 supported users worldwide operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week at over 280 global locations. ILS-S has transformed over the last two years by moving all development and production environments to the cloud while at the same time transitioning to a fully Agile delivery model with monthly deliveries of new capability. This presentation will look at the processes employed and lessons learned as the USAF moved the largest mission application to date with the largest operational data migration to date to the Cloud One environment using 18 development contractors and a highly collaborative Agile program office. The result was the migration of over 120 server instances wit ... READ MORE

ECUADOR CHAPTER - 09/24/2020

In September (from top to bottom) María Dolores Santos, chapter president, and Carlos Rodríguez Arrieta, first chapter vice president, meet with Susan Emert, director, individual membership, AFCEA International, and Col. Lourdes Barriga, from Peru. In September, the chapter officers met Susan Emert, director, individual membership and awards, Women in AFCEA, and Brenda Puch, corporate development coordinator for AFCEA, at the AFCEA International headquarters.

María Dolores Santos began the meeting discussing AFCEAN women in Ecuador, a presentation called "Heroines of the Southern Cone," in memory of the women and heroines of Ecuador´s history, such as the three Manuelas: Cañizares, Sáenz, Espejo.

The chapter´s organizational structure emphasizes the positions that women currently occupy: Santos, chapter president; Valentina Almedia, chapter secretary; Rosalía Arteaga, chapter vice president of foreign affairs; Carol Almeida, Young AFCEANs and social communication; Ingrid Marchán, social communication; and Capt. Diana Vallejos. The women in the chapter hold many respo ... READ MORE

ECUADOR CHAPTER - 09/23/2020

In upper photo, in September, Bruce Schulte, general manager of and member of the chapter (r), visits AFCEA International and meets face to face with Tina Jordan, vice president for membership, AFCEA International Headquarters. María Dolores Santos, chapter president, expresses her gratitude virtually. In the lower photo (from l to r) Carlos Rodríguez Arrieta, first chapter vice president; Maria Dolores Santos, chapter president; Col. Patricio Salazar, second chapter vice president; and Mayor Luis Recalde (Ret.), chapter treasurer, participate in a virtual visit. In September, the chapter organized a visit to AFCEA International Headquarters. Bruce Schulte, general manager, Aire, ec., Tina Jordan, vice president of membership, AFCEA International, and Brenda Puch, corporate development coordinator, AFCEA International, met face to face while connecting with the chapter board of directors though a virtual meeting. Chapter President María Dolores Santos expressed words of gratitude to AFCEA International.


The chapter is happy to have had Lt. Gen. B. Chance The chapter kicked off the fiscal year 2021 luncheon series in September with Lt. Gen. B. Chance "Salty" Saltzman, USSF, deputy chief, Space Operations, Cyber and Nuclear, United States Space Force. Gen. Saltzman discussed in detail the Space Force organization, technological focus, Space Enterprise Consortium and industry best practices.

Gen. Saltzman stated the U.S. Space Force (USSF) is serious about being a digital service and is looking to rapidly integrate new technologies. As deputy chief of Space Operations, Gen. Saltzman envisions a real-time dashboard to measure performance metrics for technology and personnel. Regarding enterprise technology, the general noted the importance of rapidly fielding new capabilities horizontally with limited stovepiping. "The transition from vertical to horizontal integration will increase the speed in which these technologies are integrated into operations," he clarified. Regarding industry participation, the general noted the impo ... READ MORE


In September, Col. Sean Murphy, USAF, chapter president (l), shakes hands with Jennifer Havenner, chapter vice president of diversity, and presents her with the Distinguished Young AFCEAN Honoree Award for 2019 in front of the new U.S. Strategic Command's Command and Control Facility at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. In September, Jennifer Havenner, chapter vice president of diversity, received the Distinguished Young AFCEAN Honoree Award for 2019 as she was unable to attend AFCEA West. Havenner was a tremendous supporter of chapter events and will be sorely missed as she departs the area with her husband for Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota.

HAWAII CHAPTER - 09/15/2020

The chapter welcomed Rear Adm. Mike Studeman, USN, director for intelligence, J-2, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, in September to deliver a speech titled, "The Seven Myths of China."

Speaking to a large audience via Zoom, Studeman addressed misconceptions some may have of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and how understanding these false notions can lead to more effective foreign policy for the United States and its allies.

"Myth number one," Studeman began, "China seeks great power status. Incorrect. China seeks greatest power status. China hopes to dominate on any issue that counts in the international arena. China's 'dream' is to restore the status of the Middle Kingdom around which other nations must revolve or least defer greatly."

Elaborating on the distinction, Studeman went on to describe how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is building up its comprehensive national power, often through lying, cheating and stealing, to become the most po ... READ MORE

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