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Gary Wang, the U.S. Army's deputy chief information officer/G-6 (c), gathers with chapter leaders and science fair award winners for a group photo at the May luncheon. The chapter honored 12 student award winners from the Fairfax County Regional Science and Engineering Fair at its May luncheon. Their work touched on drones, magnetohydrodynamic drives, object detection and an artificial spinal cord as well as combating gerrymandering and helping the blind see. Several students also won other prizes at this fair and at the Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair. The luncheon's keynote speaker was Gary Wang, the U.S. Army's deputy chief information officer/G-6. After speaking, Wang spent time with the students to learn about their projects. The chapter thanks the students for their contributions to STEM fields, Wang for serving as keynote speaker and chapter leaders for organizing the event to advance STEM education locally.


Chapter President Miguel Rivera (r) and Kathryn Thompson, chapter vice president, Women in AFCEA outreach (l), present a certificate to Sheri Donahue, president emeritus of InfraGard National Members Alliance, a participant in a May panel discussion about women in technology. Thompson was moderator. The chapter hosted a luncheon in May featuring a panel of women with diverse backgrounds in technology. Topics included trends and diversity in technology as well as cybersecurity. The event was sponsored by CoreSys Federal. Guests were welcomed by AFCEA Regional Vice President Martin Harbolt, Midwest region, and the panel was moderated by Kathryn Thompson, chapter vice president, Women in AFCEA outreach. Featured panelists were Dawn Yankeelov, founder and executive director of TALK, the Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky, and founder and president of Aspectx; Sheri Donahue, president emeritus of InfraGard National Members Alliance; and Brittany Robinson, graphic designer and owner of Each woman's choices have led many people to immerse themselves in the growing world of technology. After brief presentations, the panelists participated in a discussion with audience members. All three women were inspiring, and the chapter looks forward to seeing wha ... READ MORE

ALAMO CHAPTER - 05/15/2018

Col. Michael Cote USAF, 25th Air Force A6, addresses chapter members and attendees during May's luncheon. Col. Michael Cote, USAF, opened the chapter's May luncheon by detailing his two jobs in the U.S. Air Force. He is the 25th Air Force A6 where he helps Maj. Gen. Mary F. O'Brien, USAF, commander, 25th Air Force, with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and cyber support. Col. Cote is also the 625th Air Communications Squadron (ACOMS) commander where he is in charge of a unit responsible for cyber operations defense happening in the 25th Air Force. The mission of the 25th Air Force is to execute worldwide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to protect and defend the United States and its global interests. Col. Cote shared the vast footprint the 25th Air Force has in cyberspace, which consists of more than 3,100 cyber personnel in 116 units. The majority of those units supports ISR, with only a small number contributing to traditional communication support. Col. Cote outlined his priorities as A6 to include the integration of five Mission Defense Teams, improv ... READ MORE

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