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ALAMO CHAPTER - 06/20/2017

Maj. Gen. Garrett Yee, USA, acting director of Cybersecurity Directorate, Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)/G-6 (r, center), cuts the ceremonial cake with Spc. Aery Jackson, USA, 236th Signal company, Texas Army National Guard (l, center), in honor of the Army's 242nd birthday during the chapter's June monthly luncheon. At its June luncheon, the chapter welcomed back to San Antonio Maj. Gen. Garrett Yee, USA, acting director of Cybersecurity Directorate, Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)/G-6. The general kicked off the event by reviewing the history of the Army and the founding of the Signal Corps, which celebrated its 157th birthday on June 21. The chapter wished the 120-plus attendees a happy 242nd birthday to the U.S. Army with a cake-cutting ceremony that brought the youngest soldier, Spc. Aeryka Jackson, USA, to help Gen. Yee. San Antonio, known as Military City USA, is home to every branch of service and has one of the nation's largest active and retired military populations. "We have tremendous capabilities in San Antonio. Over 20 Army bases have already migrated over to Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS), to include Joint Base San Antonio," Gen. Yee said. These types of innovative, consistent improvements will make the network stronger and more effective. "We are continuously ... READ MORE


Lt. Gen. Michael Basla, USAF (Ret.), former Air Force chief information officer (CIO), speaks at the June chapter luncheon. Lt. Gen. Michael Basla, USAF (Ret.), spoke at the June chapter luncheon. Gen. Basla, senior vice president and U.S. Air Force client executive at CACI International, which sponsored the luncheon, praised AFCEA as a professional organization and strongly encouraged nonmembers to join. He made a generous personal donation for anyone at the luncheon to do so. He thanked the local community of soldiers, Defense Department employees, contractors and their families for the sacrifices they make in the fight against U.S. adversaries. Gen. Basla not only presented a history of AFCEA but also explained how collaboration between the government, industry and academia has contributed to more effective methods, technology and weaponry to prosecute the many conflicts the country has faced in the 70 years since AFCEA was established. AFCEA is crucial to the development of technologies, including cyber. Through coursework, training and networking, the brightest and best share ideas and collaborate t ... READ MORE

HAWAII CHAPTER - 06/13/2017

Guest speaker Anabel Chotzen (c) is presented a small token of appreciation by Executive Vice President Barry Fong (r) and Dee Smith, programs vice president, at the chapter meeting in June. In June, the chapter welcomed Anabel Chotzen as its featured speaker. The topic was "Adapting to Change and Thriving in a Volatile Marketplace." Being able to adapt to change and learning how to thrive in uncertain times is very applicable and timely with the fast pace changes in technology, the country's current administration and the constantly changing world. It applies to all federal agencies, cybersecurity and technology companies. Chotzen said westerners often fear change. The Chinese symbol for crisis and opportunity is the same. The word for change in the Hawaiian language is "Ho'ololi. The Hawaiians believed in the importance of embracing change. Chotzen then told the chapter about the seven dynamics of change, the process of change, the reasons people resist change, ways to assess the difficulty of acceptance of change and strategies for getting others to accept change. Being an outstanding communicator is critical during times of change. Most people are not very good list ... READ MORE

ROME CHAPTER - 06/13/2017

In June, the Department for Automated Information Systems (ReSIA) of the Italian Air Force hosted a workshop organized by Huawei with the chapter titled, "eLTE in Emergency Operational Theatres." A global leader in telecommunications, Huawei focused the event on eLTE Rapid, the wide band trunking system featuring rapid deployment and also illustrated a real field test during the disaster occurred in Rigopiano in January. Chapter President Lt. Gen. Antonio Tangorra, ITAF (Ret.), opened the conference, thanking ReSIA for the warm hospitality. Col. Michele Devastato, ITAF, ReSIA commander, introduced the department that is a benchmark for information technology and cyber defense systems development and training. Riccardo Leonelli, Huawei sales vice president, presented the company, an ICT leader at the global level, which provides Italian phone operators with its technology. Huawei invests about 10 percent of its revenues in research and development to reduce the digital divide, defi ... READ MORE

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