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AFCEA offers cost-effective events, thought leadership opportunities 

and lead generation programs.

Our mission as a not-for-profit member-based association is to provide training, collaboration and networking opportunities to military, government and industry professionals at the most affordable rates possible.  In addition, we do not lobby, so we can offer distinctive events in an ethical forum, a capability that facilitates frank discussions and open networking.

We can help you expand your reach at AFCEA events through unique sponsorship and media opportunities, and we can bundle products to help you optimize your event investment. 


Exhibits Sales, Defense and Homeland Security J. Spargo and Associates   Email or call 703-995-2567

Online Events, Webinars, Custom Events, Contact Jennifer  Deuterman, Director, Advertising  Email or call 703-631-6181

Sponsorships, Contact Gina McGovern, Senior Director, Industry Programs  Email or call 703-631-6236