Saint Isidore Cyber Award



Saint Isidore Cyber Award Overview

The AFCEA Saint Isidore Award/Medal recognizes individuals who demonstrate exceptional initiative, leadership, insight, and cyber excellence within their area of expertise. The award consists of three levels:

Gold Medallion: Recognizes those who have rendered conspicuous, singularly distinguished, enduring contributions and long-term service to the cybersecurity profession. Recipients have so singularly distinguished themselves as contributors to the cyber mission that they have few peers. The award recognizes excellence at any point in cyber professionals' careers. Recipeints will be awarded a gold medallion with a ribbon and a certificate.

Silver Medallion: Recognizes senior field grade officers, Command Sergeants Major and Sergeants Major, and DA civilians who have made significant contributions to the promotion of the cyber mission in ways that stand out in the eyes of the recipients and their superiors, subordinates, and peers. These individuals must also demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and moral character, display an outstanding degree of professional competence, and serve the cyber mission with distinction.
Bronze Medallion: Recognizes government civilians or uniformed members of the armed forces who have demonstrated the highest standards of integrity, moral character, professional competence and selflessness while contributing significantly to the promotion and betterment of the Cyber Command.


In October 2010, Maj. Gen. Rhett A. Hernandez, USA (promoted lieutenant general in March 2011), assumed command of U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER). During a previous assignment in Saudi Arabia as Chief, U.S. Military Training Mission, U.S. Central Command, the general instituted a three-tiered award medallion, funded by the Saudis, to foster morale in his training mission, and he desired to do the same at ARCYBER. In July 2011, he began action with the ARCYBER Command Historian to initiate a three-tiered award medallion for the October 2011 ARCYBER Ball. The Staff Judge Advocate advised Gen. Hernandez that a private organization would need to sponsor and fund such an unofficial award. AFCEA International was a logical initial selection to support the award as it was a nonprofit organization that focuses on the ethical dialogue between government, industry, and academia and has strong roots to information technology, intelligence, and cybersecurity as a part of its organizational core values. Additionally, AFCEA hosted and sponsored numerous awards in support of leadership and volunteer support by AFCEA members, industry, government and academia.

The concept was three categories of awards—Gold, Silver and Bronze. The recipients would be chosen through a nomination and review board process to determine the levels of cyber contributions and expertise throughout Army Cyber Command initially and with a vision of a broader outreach that included the Joint Services and U.S. Cyber Command. A search for a historical figure to represent the highest ideal of the essence of cybersecurity and the study of the evolving world of challenges of tomorrow followed.

It did not take long to identify St. Isidore of Seville as the leading candidate. St. Isidore served as Archbishop of Seville for more than three decades and is considered as “the last scholar of the ancient world,” according to the 19th century historian Montalembert.

In 1997, Pope John Paul II decided the Internet should have a patron saint to guide Catholics in its proper use. The Church considered St. Isidore of Seville (560-636 AD) as a worthy candidate for the patron saint of the Internet, but never made a final selection. St. Isidore was a Doctor of the Church and last of the Latin Fathers. His 20-book opus, which was called Etymologia after the subject title of one of the books, made him a worthy choice. The word “etymology” was Isidore’s own coinage. It means “the study of origins.” Today, the term is limited to the history, or origin, of words. The Patron St. Isidore of Seville is also known as the father of the encyclopedia as the twenty-book opus included a broad selection of topics ranging from the study of grammar in book one to the study of domestic and agricultural tools and furniture in book 20.

Gen. Hernandez and the ARCYBER team selected St. Isidore of Seville to represent the Cyber award in 2011. AFCEA International currently serves as the sponsor of the award, provides the medals, provides the award certificates, coordinates the selection process for the awards, and hosts the annual Cyber Ball.

For more information, contact AFCEA Defense.

Recent Recipients


Gold Recipients:

MG Neil S Hersey
MG Gary W Johnston
Col Brenda A Oppel
Col Marc L Packler
CW4 James Richards
BG Adam Volant

Silver Recipients:

SGM Robert  J  Batz, III
MAJ Scott A Beal
COL (R) Peter Beim
LTC Adam J Dykstra
LTC Jason P Hogan
Lt Col Emmanuel Matos
Christopher Rudy
COL Benjamin F Sangster
LTC Timothy J Sikora
COL Ian Tarasevitsch
LTC Matthew Vea

Bronze Recipients:

CPT Paul E Baker
CW2 James Becker
Jonah S Cali
CW2 Richard S Castleton
1SG Stanley P Collins
CW3 Joseph Dixon
CW2 Orane M Edie
MAJ Stephen Hudak
MAJ Joseph L Huitt
Robert M Ighnat
NH-04  Stuart L  Labovitz
CW3 Jason O Lafortune
Malcolm Letts
CPT Alvaro A Luna
SSG Brandee Lymon-Collins
CW3 Scott E Miller
CW3 Edison Rivas
MAJ Jesus S Rodriguez
Aaron P Tipton
MAJ Jacob H Youmans



Gold Recipients:

BG Robert M. Collins
BG Robert K. Lyman

Silver Recipients:

COL Eric Aslakson
CW3 Timothy J. Stephens
LTC Candy Boparai
LTC Justin M. Horgan
LTC Rachael L. O’Connell
LTC Leslie Gorman
MSG Michael C. Bozman
Kurtis L. Niemerier
Burt Biebuyck
Charles Smylie

Bronze Recipients:

Tim M. Burton
Carlos F. Cosme
Amit P. Daniel
MAJ Wendy Delacruz
MAJ Luis A. Etienne
CW3 David C. Gensinger
MAJ Paul Hyunjin Lee
LTC Josef Jacobsen
CPT Danielle T. Jaime
CPT Raymond G. Johnson
GySgt Steven D. Lewis
CPT Megan L. Manly
SSG Christopher A. Newton
CW2 Tiffany N. Northern
Matthew D. O’Rouke
SFC Robert Pyle
MAJ Donald Sedivy
SFC James W. Sobrowski
CW3 Marquis Walke
CW2 Cody A. Wright



Gold Recipients:

CSM James K. Krog
COL Michael J. Philbin

Silver Recipients;

MAJ John M. Craighead
LTC Peter Di Giorgio
CW4 Yrume Fernandez
Steven Guitron
Chad Harpine
LTC Scott Helmore
LTC Javier Madrigal
COL Jonathan Moyer
LTC Jesse L. Sandefer
CW4 Troy J. Ward

Bronze Recipients:

GS13 Jonathan Barnes
CPT Benjamin T. Belich
Thomas Bremer
1SG Tammy Cross
CW2 Bryan Elliott
CPT James Fasone
COL Richard Haggerty
MAJ David L. Hamlin
CW2 Jeremy J. Harris
Mark Haythorn
MAJ Jeffrey T. Jao
CW4 Tony Leota
SFC Richard P. Miller
MAJ Thomas M. Nelson
LTC Mark L. Osano
MAJ Ryan G. Tate
CW2 Bryant Treacle
Donna Toomer
CW3 Daniel J. Whalen
CW2 Daniel H. Yi



Gold Recipients:

Major General John Baker
Command Sergeant Major Darris Curry
Lieutenant General Mary Legere
SES Gary Martin
General Raymond Odierno
Katherine O'Neal

Silver Recipients:

Colonel Sam Anderson
Lieutenant Colonel Todd Arnold
Chief Warrant Officer Five Thomas Bichard
Chief Warrant Officer Four Larry Fuller
Colonel Jason Henneke
Colonel Mark Kjorness
Lieutenant Colonel John Popiak
Colonel Steve Rehn
Colonel Ben Ring
Major Jason Seales

Bronze Recipients:

Lieutenant Colonel John Agnello
Chief Warrant Officer Four Roger Barret
Colonel Don Bray
Major Roger Davis
Major Scott Dearie
Major Robert Ganway
Ms. Connie Hamilton
Sergeant First Class Juarbe Jeriel
Mr. Tom Keglovitz
Mr. David Laflam
Chief Warrant Officer Four Brian Matthews
Major Taber Mintz
Lieutenant Colonel Scott Preusser
Major Julianna Rodriguez
Major Joshua Rykowski
Staff Sergeant William Sharp
Major Steven Simmons, Jr.
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Waddington
Mr. Nicholas Wallace
Major Jody Wright


Gold Recipients:

Major General George Franz
Colonel David Kim
Command Sergeant Major Jack Nichols
Mr. Tom Barnes
Chief Warrant Officer Four Charles Zavorka

Silver Recipients:

Major Michael Arner
Major Scott Bobier
Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Bultmann
Chief Warrant Officer Three Justin Hunsaker
Sergeant Major Jeremy Lerette
Mr. Leonard Lewis
Sergeant Major Joshua Smith
Lieutenant Colonel John Transue
Mr. Donald Tyler
Master Sergeant Matthew Varney

Bronze Recipients:

Master Sergeant Michael Bishop
Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Byrd
Sergeant Mandy Chamberlain
Mr. Gregory Conti
Major James Crawford
Chief Warrant Officer Three James Elliott
Sergeant First Class Francisco Estrada
Chief Warrant Officer Three Keri Fischer
Master Sergeant Joshua Hoy
Chief Warrant Officer Three Jason Hurst
Chief Warrant Officer Three Shawn Johnson
Chief Warrant Officer Four Kevin Kim
Sergeant Major Jesse Potter
Mr. Salinas Rodolfo
Major Michael Stokes
Major John Truax
Ms. Katie Ward
SFC Thaddeus Watson
Chief Warrant Officer Four Gerry Williams
Mr. Larry Williamson


Gold Recipients:

Brigadier General Patricia Frost
Colonel Jon N. Leonard II
Mr. James J. Dillon
Admiral Michael S. Rogers, USN
Lieutenant General Edward C. Cardon

Silver Awards

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Kendal V. Polk
Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Longo
Lieutenant Colonel Brady Stout
Major Johanna Franco
Major Harold D. Rouse
Sergeant First Class Jere K. Jaillite
Mr. James Wasson

Bronze Awards

Colonel James H. Adams III
Colonel Michael R. Eastman
Colonel Mark A. Thomson
Colonel Alexis M. Wells
Lieutenant Colonel James L. Browning
Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan A. Campbell
Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Gould
Lieutenant Colonel John Hosey
Lieutenant Colonel Justine S. Krumm
Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lennox
Lieutenant Colonel Joseph E. O’Hanlon III
Lieutenant Colonel John P. Rotier
Lieutenant Colonel Richard D. Snowdall
Lieutenant Colonel Ronald D. Wilkes
Major Cleo Brown
Major Pete DiGiorgio
Major Adam Dykstra
Major Wilfredo Franceschini
Major Walter R. Harrison
Major Michael D. Lass
Major Dustin W. Lenz
Major Darien M. Pitts
Major Wayne Sanders
Captain Jung Oh
Chief Warrant Officer Three Jason Brown
Command Sergeant Major James Krog
First Sergeant Kelly J. Barnes
First Sergeant Alexander Perea
Mr. Robert Brickey
Mr. William I. Brown
Mr. Francis Fischer
Mr. Brian Foster
Mr. Fernando L. Perez
Mr. Jonathan Perham
Mr. Pedro Santiago-Gonzalez
Brigadier General Christopher R. Kemp


Gold Recipients:

Mr. Guy Filippelli, President & CEO, RedOwl Analytics LLC
LTG (Retired) Rhett A. Hernandez, former CG ARCYBER/2A
CSM (Retired) Roger P. Blackwood, former CSM ARCYBER/2A
COL Maureen O’Connor, ARCYBER/2A
LTC Alan Quattrin, 782 MI BN
CSM Rodney Harris, ARCYBER/2A
CSM (Retired) Dave Roper, USCC
CMC (Retired) Danny Miller, USCC
MSG Jennifer Segovia, 782nd MI BN

Silver Recipients:

DAC Jody Dawn Clemesha, 21st SIG BDE
LTC Heriberto Galarza-Gonzalez, ARCYBER
SGM Samara Lyn Pitre, ARCYBER
DAC David L. Bailey, ARCYBER
LTC Dwyke A. Bidjou, DoA G-3/5/7 CYBER BRANCH
DAC Scott V. Brown, 781st MI BN
SGM Jesse J. Cofield, ARCYBER
LTC Matthew William Dunlop, ARCYBER
COL Patrick Wesley Ginn, 7th SIG CMD
LTC Karl Gossett, ARCYBER
MSG Ron V. Krause, ARCYBER
SGM Bart T. Larango, ARCYBER
LTC David R. Raymond, ARCYBER
CSM William Rinehart, 780th MI BDE
COL Alprentice Smith, ARCYBER
DAC Lawrence Sterrett, ARCYBER
LTC Christopher L. Walls, ARCYBER

Bronze Recipients:

DAC Steven Eugene Birtch, 93rd SIG BDE
SFC Michael C. Bozman, 782nd MI BN
DAC Scott Eisenbach, ARCYBER
CW3 Judy M. Esquibel, 782nd MI BN
DAC Aaron Patrick Ford, 93rd SIG BDE
CW3 Fred R. Foster, 781st MI BN
MSG Will Fowler, ARCYBER
MAJ Matthew C. Funk, ARCYBER
DAC Karen Hendricks, TACOM LCMC
DAC Peter Houst, 7th SIG CMD
DAC Daniel W. Lewis, 7th SIG CMD
DAC Darren Lisow, TACOM LCMC
MAJ Bradley S. Loudon, DoA G-3/5/7 CYBER BRANCH
DAC Eric Manthei, 781st MI BN
CPT Christian Martinez, ARCYBER
LTC Michael A. Matney, ARCYBER
CW3 Raul Negron, 782nd MI BN
MAJ Edward Ortiz, ARCYBER
DAC James M. Quinn, 7th SIG CMD
LTC Frederick M. Wintrich, ARCYBER
COL James David Denardo, ARCYBER
LTC Robert Lee Collins, 7th SIG CMD
CSM Darris Curry, 311th SIG CMD
CW4 Marc F. Gensler, 311th SIG CMD
DAC Michael J. Sentz, 21st SIG BDE
LTC Ruth Jane Sonak, 7th SIG CMD
DAC Joseph Luis Valladares, 7th SIG CMD


Gold Recipients:

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Rhett A. Hernandez, U.S. Army Cyber Command
Command Sergeant Major (Ret.) Roger P. Blackwood, U.S. Army Cyber Command
Mr. William Thompkins, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command

Silver Recipients:

Lieutenant Colonel Damon Becknel, U.S. Army Cyber Command
Colonel Jennifer Buckner, 780th Military Intelligence Brigade
Lieutenant Colonel Stanley Malloy, U.S. Army Cyber Command
Chief Warrant Officer Four Ronald Nixon, U.S. Army Cyber Command
Colonel Eugene Ressler, West Point Military Academy
Colonel Martha VanDriel, U.S. Army Cyber Command

Bronze Recipients:

Lieutenant Colonel Jason Bender-U.S. Army Cyber Command
Lieutenant Colonel Eric Bjorklund-U.S. Army Cyber Command


Gold Recipient:

Anthony Portare, 1st IO

Silver Recipients:

Colonel Thomas Goss, U.S. Army Cyber Command
Chief Warrant Officer Four Mark Mollenkopf, 780th MI
Mr. James Hillman, U.S. Army Cyber Command

Bronze Recipients:

Colonel John Diaz, HQ USAR
Command Sergeant Major Francis Olmstead, HQ USAR
Lieutenant Colonel Mario Torres, U.S. Army Cyber Command
Lieutenant Colonel Curtis Tygart, U.S. Army Cyber Command
Lieutenant Colonel Brady Stout, 780th MI
Chief Warrant Officer Two Walter Schell, 780th MI
Gail Brooks, 1st IO
John Mense, 1st IO


Gold Recipients:

General Keith Alexander, U.S. Cyber Command
Brigadier General Jeffrey Smith, U.S. Army Cyber Command

Silver Recipient:

Colonel (Retired) Jeffery Schilling, NETCOM

Bronze Recipients:

Chief Warrant Officer Four John O'Reilly, U.S. Army Cyber Command
Jack Dillion, U.S. Army Cyber Command