Continuing Education FAQs


For which cybersecurity certifications are CompTIA and GIAC reviewing AFCEA sessions?

CompTIA is reviewing for A+, Network+, Security+, Linux+, Cloud+, PenTest+, CySA+, CASP+.

GIAC is reviewing for their family of certifications.  CertNexus is reviewing for CyberSec First Responder.

Which AFCEA events have sessions approved for CompTIA CEUs, GIAC CPEs and/or CertNexus CECs?

If an AFCEA International event has sessions approved for CEUs, CPEs, and/or CECs the event web site will normally have a continuing education page showing approved sessions and the show guides and applications will have similar information. This page and the event page show a list of several upcoming AFCEA  International and chapter events at which the organizers plan to have continuing education sessions.

If I don't get to travel to AFCEA International events, might there be events with approved sessions in my local area?  

AFCEA chapters may also feature event sessions which meet CompTIA,GIAC, and/or CertNexus requirements as well as those of other certification and continuing education programs. Please check this page, the AFCEA event page or calendar,  or check with your local chapter to find events with approved sessions.

How do I obtain the session documentation required for me to submit to CompTIA and/or GIAC?

Official attendance documentation is a benefit for AFCEA members at many AFCEA International and chapter events.  If we provide formal attendance documentation in support of an event you must attend the entire session qualifying for CompTIA CEUs, GIAC CPEs, and/or CertNexus CECs to request attendance documentation. On exiting the session, get your event badge scanned or attendance otherwise formally recorded so that we can document your attendance. We will normally email documentation of your attendance within four weeks following the event. Please be sure your email account will accept email from the domain

How do I prepare attendance documentation for AFCEA webinars and other online events?

You must prepare your attendance documentation using your name and registration receipt, the link to the session information, the event name,  session name, session description and additional detail such as session length and speaker info.  Please check with applicable certifying organizations for their specific requirements. 



How do CompTIA, GIAC, and/or CertNexus receive the record of my attendance at an approved AFCEA continuing education session?

You must upload your AFCEA documentation email according to the CompTIA, GIAC, and/or CertNexus instructions for their certification maintenance programs.

How do I obtain the session attendance documentation if I did not get my attendance recorded at the session?  

Since we only formally document attendance on site at each session, we recommend you prepare your own attendance documentation by using the session information on the applicable event web site.

How do non-members obtain the session documentation required for CompTIA, GIAC, and/or CertNexus?

For some events, non-members may purchase a continuing education pass and receive attendance documentation which is normally provided only to AFCEA members.

Otherwise, non-members can build input for submission to certification authorities by using the session information on the applicable event web site.

Does AFCEA track which CEUs/CPEs/CECs I have earned?  

AFCEA provides initial attendance documentation when we have the appropriate records from AFCEA classes and events. We don't currently store records for individuals.

What if I need continuing education for a different certification than those listed?  

Event attendance may also satisfy other continuing education requirements. Please contact the appropriate oversight organization for determination. Some applicable organizations might include: ASIS, ISACA, (ISC)2, Project Management Institute (PMI), and National Contract Management Association (NCMA).

What if I need additional information about specific continuing education programs?

CompTIA allows individuals to keep their skills current and many of their certifications up to date without retesting by participation in CEU-qualified training activities.

     CompTIA Continuing Education Program FAQs

     AFCEA members can receive up to a 15% discount on Certification Vouchers at  

Each GIAC certification remains valid for 4 years.   Two years after certification the renewal process will begin, and individuals must maintain their credentials through Continuing Professional Education credits (CPEs).   More Information.  You may also email

CertNexus exams expire 3 years from the date of certification. To recertify candidates can earn and submit continuing education credits (CECs) to recertify without retaking the exam. It is recommended that candidates begin recertification upon successful certification of each exam. Members must earn and submit the minimum number of CECs annual to maintain their certification. For more information on the CertNexus Continuing education program visit

(ISC)2 Credential holders must earn the minimum number of Continuing Professional Education credits (CPEs) annually during each year of the three-year certification cycle. Members must earn and submit the minimum annual number of CPEs to maintain their certification in “good standing.” More information.

Project Management Institute’s program explains how to maintain credentials.

GAGAS:   Session content may also support GAGAS (Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards) Requirements for Continuing Professional Education. We recommend consulting with your supervisor to determine which sessions would help met your individual requirements. A CPE hour may be granted for each 50 minutes of participation in group programs and activities that qualify. More Information.

Defense Acquisition Workforce: Members of the Defense Acquisition Workforce may qualify for continuous learning points (CLPs) at the rate of .5 point/hour for a maximum of 4 points/day attendance relevant events. For  More Information