Career Opportunities for Women

Although women make up nearly half the U.S. work force, they constitute just 24 percent of workers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, the US. Census Bureau reports. Experts offer that this imbalance stems from several causes, ranging from the proverbial glass ceiling to antiquated and damaging stereotypes about women’s math and science abilities, issues of women feeling as though they do not belong, sexual harassment, financial concerns and lack of recognition. Some say they feel they had to relinquish their identities to fit in.

Beth Beck, the open innovation program manager in NASA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer, was selected to lead some of the space agency's efforts to entice more women and minorities into its folds. “You’re unique—find a place where you can plug that in,” Beck advises. “You can’t make people appreciate you, but you can find places where your unique contribution will enhance a project, or enhance the team

If women are feeling like they’re not appreciated, I do think they have to go find a place where they are. It’s your life, and it’s our job as society to appreciate the different kinds of thinkers.” 

Read the full interview with Beth Beck.

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