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Joining AFCEA enables you to interact with the premier IT, communications and electronics association for professionals in international government, industry and academia. With members active in chapters across the globe, you become a member of a long-standing and prestigious organization.

Get the most out of your membership by taking advantage of these opportunities to meet government and industry leaders and to network with your professional peers.

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AFCEA members regularly engage with others from the military services, government agencies, academia and various companies who work for national and international security.

Engage at the Chapter Level

AFCEA is a chapter-based association. Members are not only part of the global AFCEA organization but also are affiliated with local chapters.

Chapters are located in countries around the world and are strategically placed near government and military installations. These are ideal locations to facilitate interaction among industry and government personnel and match governments’ needs and industries’ solutions.

Chapters host a variety of events to foster these interactions and meet the needs in their specific locations. Activities include monthly luncheons, continuing education opportunities, exhibitions, scholarship fundraising, social events and leadership opportunities.

Active involvement at the chapter level is a great way to connect with the AFCEA member base. You are welcome to attend activities at all AFCEA chapters, and you can change your chapter affiliation at any time.

Find the chapters closest to you.

Volunteer to Serve Your Chapter

Chapters are entirely led and run by volunteers. Active participation within the chapters is an easy way to achieve greater recognition, visibility and networking on a personal level. Help staff events, present awards or participate in a committee.

To volunteer, contact your chapter's leadership.

Engage at the AFCEA International Level

Attend, present, sponsor or exhibit at any of our worldwide events throughout the year. Conferences, symposia, exhibitions, technical panels, professional paper presentations and educational courses offer you the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of government and industry.

Our events are where AFCEA fulfills its mission. They are a forum for the ethical exchange of information among its members in information technology, communications and electronics for the defense, homeland security and intelligence communities.

AFCEA International Headquarters Committees

AFCEA International headquarters is organized to support the membership of its constituents by cultivating the greatest understanding of member needs, industry trends and government capabilities. Management and governing committees assist in this goal by gathering members with specific interests and expertise.

AFCEA Educational Foundation

The AFCEA Educational Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational incentives, opportunities and assistance for people engaged in information management, communications and intelligence efforts and fostering excellence in education particularly in the "hard science" disciplines related to C4ISR.

Education and Professional Development

Continuing education credits offered at most events, with documention of attendance provided to AFCEA members.

Online Courses  A variety of popular and in-demand professional development courses will soon be available online. These courses offer an Ask the Expert feature, allowing students access to subject matter experts in their field of study. AFCEA members receive a discount. Contact us for more information. 

Onsite courses are available at government and industry locations.

Preferred Providers offer AFCEA members discounts on courses and tuition.

Social Media and Content

Looking to engage with AFCEA in a fun and informal way? Connect with us on social media! You'll find relevant content, important AFCEA updates and deadlines, inside scoop, networking opportunities and more. Be sure to send us a message or tag us in AFCEA-related posts so we can reply or repost.

Emerging Leaders

AFCEA International has a vibrant Emerging Leader organization, with representatives of the group involved at the highest level of the association's management.  The group participates in activities to promote professional development, leadership and mentoring to members who are 40 and younger. In addition to engaging with peers, participants learn from and network with decision makers and future mentors. Young members also participate in association-wide groups that enable them to build their networking base and prepare for senior leadership roles. They have seats on many AFCEA committees and participate in a variety of leadership roles throughout the association.

The EPIC Committee

The AFCEA Emerging Professionals in Intelligence Committee (EPIC) is an exciting, high-energy group focused on developing leaders, networking, and giving back to the Intelligence Community (IC).


AFCEA Online Communities

Connect with the global AFCEA network in real-time with our social media pages. Connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Participate in the SIGNAL Magazine blog and contact us with  your ideas for targeting content to meet your needs.


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