Encouraging Women in STEM

How can AFCEA help to encourage women to study STEM subjects at school, enter STEM careers fields and stay in them?  

Our community—our nation and our international partners—are dependent upon a talented, educated work force bringing new ideas in science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” says AFCEA President Lt. Gen. Robert Shea, USMC (Ret.). “Women have been, and will continue to be, key in developing thought leadership and ideas for our future growth. We are committed to encouraging women to engage in STEM and will continue to support their advancement and to promote their achievements.

It is imperative that the entire AFCEA community be proactive in providing incentives and support for women pursuing opportunities in the science technology, engineering and math fields,” Gen. Shea continues. “We are dedicated to promoting the importance of women in STEM through our events, our chapters and across our strong volunteer base.

One way that AFCEA is bringing the issues to the forefront of the discussion is through its first ever Women in AFCEA panel at a major AFCEA International event.  "Why Are Women Leaving STEM" takes place at TechNet Augusta on August 3 at 1:30 pm, and is followed by a reception with the panelists.  Both the panel and reception are jointly sponsored by Walker & Associates and Ciena.

"AFCEA provides the opportunity for women to hear from other women through the women’s panel at TechNet Augusta; learn about female pioneers in the STEM field through the women’s appreciation event at West; and network with women at all AFCEA events," says Tina Jordan, vice president of membership for AFCEA.

"[The association] brings together military, government, industry and academia," Jordan says. "There is no better forum to highlight the impact of women in IT and to address the need to attract more women to this space. It's exciting to be part of the conversation to further the efforts of women in STEM fields."

Read the full article on Encouraging Women in STEM summarizing the challenges involved and how AFCEA can help.

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When you join AFCEA you get the opportunity to soar in your career while making a difference in the STEM community, for women, students and for national security. Be part of the discussion on how to attract, sustain and increase the number of women in technology whether in the military or in industry.

Join AFCEA today!  Be part of the solution to bring more women into the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. AFCEA membership is extremely affordable at $50, particularly when compared to the cost of joining the other few professional organizations for women in the technology field.

Women in AFCEA offers opportunities for women in military/government and industry to get involved at all levels of the association.  Whether through events, discussions and participation at the local or AFCEA International level, see how you can make a difference!