Make a Difference in STEM

This week we talk about the difference in STEM that women can make. The barriers to women participating in technology exist from early education through college, continuing throughout their working careers.  

Linda Gooden, Chair of the Board of Directors of AFCEA International, sat down with AFCEA’s SIGNAL staff to discuss the topic: “It’s imperative to ensure the next generation of women is free to embrace and excel in science, technology, engineering and mathematics – for their sake and that of the nation”

"Despite efforts to ramp up education, bring parity to the salary imbalance and cultivate digital and technology skills, the demand for qualified programmers still outpaces supply”.

While more and more women graduate from universities with the required degrees to land STEM-based jobs, the race and gender makeup of higher education faculties does not reflect that of the student body, denying students access to mentors and role models while they are still in school.  One reason is that for some women, making financial ends meet at home means opting for industry-based careers, where salaries are higher.  “We have to figure out ways to get them back into the classroom,” Gooden says. Additionally, there is the well-documented issue of the persistent pay gap for working women across the board, not just in STEM fields.

Read the full interview with Linda Gooden.

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