Connect, Engage and Make a Difference

The needs of those serving in military and government constantly change in response to an adaptable and relentless threat. AFCEA, building on its original mission to ensure military preparedness, aligns those in military and government with those in industry and academia so that technology is predictive of the changes and responsive to the need.

As a military or government member of AFCEA, you have a unique opportunity to ensure the solutions to your technology needs are relevant, responsive and decisive. 

AFCEA membership is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to help yourself and your career, while having fun and making a difference for many others across the globe. 

Interact with Industry

AFCEA's ethical forum allows you to develop and maintain relationships with both large and small businesses. We do not lobby, which helps us provide a more open forum between the military, government and AFCEA's corporate members

Network at an Individual Level

Meet, engage and collaborate with a variety of professionals, including officers and enlisted personnel, academia, civilian government and industry as an individual member of AFCEA.

Gain Visibility, Enhance Your Career and Assist with Transition

AFCEA leadership opportunities at the international, regional and chapter levels provide valuable skills, experience and visibility. Learn how you can engage.

Build Your Résumé

The AFCEA awards program annually recognizes those who stand out in the association at all levels, from chapters to international programs. 

Never Stop Learning

AFCEA provides documentation for attendance at sessions with preapproved continuing education content for AFCEA members only.

After Active Duty Blog

The After Active Duty blog series examines the challenges, rewards and lessons learned for those who have transitioned from active duty to the private sector and the role AFCEA played in this progression.

Stay in the Know

SIGNAL Media offers in-depth, relevant and timely news in the communications and information technology realms of the defense, intelligence and global security communities. Members receive SIGNAL Magazine monthly either in print, online or both based on their preferences. They also are encouraged to participate in the active blog community within SIGNAL Online.

Plug In

With 138chapters and student chapters across the globe, no matter where you go within the international security community, you can find an AFCEA chapter to support you. Your network goes where you go. 

Gain Access to Leaders

Every great leader had mentors to guide him or her and a network for support. The AFCEA community gives you the opportunity to learn from very successful government, military, industry and academia professionals and to build a peer network.

Help Pay for Educational Endeavors 

AFCEA’s scholarship programs at the international and chapter levels reward professional and academic accomplishments.

Save Money

Members receive discounts on select Apple, Dell, HP, and Microsoft products (U.S and FPO/APO members only), as well as discounted rates offered by Educational Preferred Providers.

The Value of Membership, From Those Who Know

“I’ve been an AFCEA member for 40 years. Reach out for education, for contacts.” — Lt Gen Mike Peterson, USAF (Ret.), Vice President, URS

“I also want to thank the many IT and Communications professionals who took the time to speak with me as I pursue my post military career in cyber security.”— GySgt, USMC

“To me, AFCEA means a professional international network of highly involved people in defense, security and information technology. After almost 20 years of membership AFCEA also means friends.”— Petr Jirasek AFCEA Czech Chapter

“The luncheon was a great learning and networking experience.” — M. Dunn

“There is no doubt in my mind that my participation in AFCEA not only enhanced my career in the Navy but also allowed me to help Department of Navy leaders explain our priorities and programs to industry and other government agencies.” — CAPT Sheila McCoy, USN (Ret.)

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