Participation as a Woman

Rear Adm Nancy Norton, the U.S. Navy’s director of warfare integration and deputy director for cybersecurity, knows all about participation as a woman.  She shares that past exclusionary practices in the military may actually have made it easier for military women to attain - and remain in - what today are classified as highly coveted careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. 

I see a large distinction between women in STEM in the military and women in STEM in the civilian world. Part of that is because women have always played a huge role in STEM careers in the military. For people like me, when I came in, what were open to women were the IT kinds of jobs and the STEM kinds of jobs. They weren't just open to women, women were encouraged to take those jobs and get technical master’s degrees and continue to work in those fields. And we have—for decades.

Read the full interview with Adm Norton.

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