The Importance of Training

It’s not too late to redeem certain educational shortcomings that contributed to today's massive skilled-labor gap that leaves the United States ill-positioned in the global competition for 21st-century high-tech jobs. The delay to entice young students early on in their schooling in math and sciences contributed to the plight of a hamstrung work force that fuels a growing portion of the unemployment national debate over who will fill the surplus of coveted jobs.

But what can be done in the meantime? One key to bridging the gap is training the current work force and enticing personnel with the proper aptitudes to switch careers, offers DiRee McGuire, senior program manager at ManTech International Corporation.

Providing additional opportunities is one solution to growing the high-tech work force, she advises. Another is to dash the lingering stereotypes that continue to drive women to leave their STEM-related jobs. Despite years of warnings by educators and authorities that the gender gap will hamper U.S. competitiveness for technological dominance in the global high-tech market, women who opt to pursue STEM fields and are successful are more likely than men to quit.

Read the full interview with DiRee McGuire.

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