Women Leadership

Thanks to pioneers such as Gen. Ellen M. Pawlikowski, USAF, who today commands the U.S. Air Force Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, women in leadership roles are no longer as scarce as they used to be.  

Gen. Pawlikowski explains the importance of diversity in leadership to continue to work against any biases still remaining.  “Everywhere I go, I try to provide an environment that nurtures all kinds of diversity. Particularly in science and engineering, the diversity of thought that comes from having people from many different walks of life, from many different backgrounds, is a tremendous multiplier when it comes to problem solving,” Gen. Pawlikowski says. “Even though there is one person in charge, it’s really the leadership team that you put around you that can tackle that. Then you can go about working to correct the biases. Diversity at the higher levels, I think, will go a long way in helping us with that.” 

Read the full interview with Gen. Pawlikowski.

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