Young AFCEA at a Higher Level

Young AFCEA offers many opportunities to volunteer with the organization at a higher level than your chapter- the international level. Becoming involved at the international level extends your network reach and expands the ways you can impact the AFCEA community. Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Young AFCEAN Advisory Council (YAAC)- With enough experience at the chapter level, you could become a Regional Young AFCEAN and assist with regional activities and initiatives. The YAAC creates initiatives for the Young AFCEANs throughout AFCEA. The YAAC also develops subcommittees on an as-needed basis for initiatives such as the Young AFCEAN handbook, which will be available soon.
  • Committee Membership- By participating in one of AFCEA's committees, you will meet thought leaders in the field while creating initiatives and supporting headquarters' events. The committees are cyber, homeland security, intelligence, membership, small business, and technology. Currently, the Young AFCEAN Subcommittee to the Membership Committee is looking for individuals to join!
  • EPIC- Short for Emerging Professionals in Intelligence Committee, this group was created as a type of subcommittee to AFCEA's well-respected Intelligence Committee. Specifically for those 40 and under, the committee puts on quarterly Speaker Series events and also participates in outreach to local high schools and colleges to encourage students to pursue careers in government or industry.

“Volunteering my time is a selfless task that has seemed to become the “norm” in my life, and I have zero complaints. I can honestly say that the commitment I’ve made to the Young AFCEAN program has been a catalyst to my success in so many ways. You meet people you otherwise never would have met, and the bonds that are formed are strong. These friendships are a big benefit in expanding my network of contacts, which is a nice side effect of the time and work I put in. AFCEA has provided me an opportunity to further my career while making an impact on my community." - Mary Allison Yourchisin, Tampa-St. Petersburg Chapter

Check out our website for more information. Unlike other organizations that charge hefty fees to join, AFCEA's dues are only $50 for the entire year. That’s only two weeks of your favorite Starbucks treat!