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The Young AFCEAN Quarterly Newsletter is the official newsletter of the Young AFCEAN Network. Please contact Raleigh Leavitt,, if you would like to receive the newletter via email. 

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Congratulations to our 2019 40 Under 40 award winners!

The Young AFCEAN program offers professionals 40 years old and under unparalleled networking opportunities with senior leaders. It also includes the opportunity to work with others who will become future leaders in industry, military, government and academia.

AFCEA is unique in the way it includes young members in leadership, management and planning throughout the association and its chapters. Young AFCEANs also have board-level representation in AFCEA International.

Opportunities Include:

  • Attending prestigious events to learn
  • Networking with senior leaders and your peers in the industry
  • Executing small- to large-scale events at the chapter level
  • Holding leadership positions at both the chapter and AFCEA International level
  • Giving back to the community by helping to raise scholarship money
  • Opportunities to volunteer with the organization at a higher level—the international level 
  • Having worldwide connections and opportunities to engage globally through AFCEA's  chapters.
  • Writing and being published in SIGNAL Magazine
  • Joining AFCEA International Committees, such as EPIC or the Young AFCEAN Membership Subcommittee

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