Emerging Leader Career Direction

As young professionals, we all look for career direction.

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to get on the right career path. Who do I talk to? What do I have to do to get to where I want to go? How long will it take? 

We have the answers.

Whether you are in the military, work in industry, transitioning from one career to another, or just trying to land your first job, involvement with Emerging Leaders truly can help you find the career direction you're looking for. 

Check out the videos below for a glimpse into how being a member of AFCEA helped the featured individuals - an active duty airman and  an industry member - find the right career path.

Col. Michael Anderson, Montgomery Chapter

Kameke Mitchell, Dayton-Wright Chapter

"As a new member of the AFCEA EPIC committee, I have been overwhelmed with the support that EPIC provides in wanting colleagues to succeed. In a competitive environment it is difficult to find a group or culture that wants to see growth in a peer.

The committee allows you to not only share your own career journey and advice but also seek counsel and tips from leaders in the industry who are facing the same challenges. EPIC allows you to deepen your understanding of the IC in terms of opportunities and also helps you to seek dreams of owning your own business or taking the next step in your career. The support and growth is powerful and inspiring.

The diversity in the EPIC group as a whole helps build a larger network to help your company and makes the experience meaningful."

-- Mary Anne Harasim, IntelliGenesis, EPIC member

Mary Anne is not alone in her experience. Being a member of a committee has helped Mary Anne shape her career, but there are other ways within AFCEA to do so. Executing events, raising funds for scholarships, or attending one of the many events AFCEA puts on can start you down the right path too.

Check out our website for more information. Unlike other organizations that charge hefty fees to join, AFCEA's dues are only $50 for the whole year. That’s only two weeks of your favorite Starbucks treat!