Build Your Network with the Emerging Leaders


Network. Network. Network.

Experts say the most important way to succeed nowadays is to build your network. Sounds simple enough, but when you actually start building your network, it's much harder than it looks.

One of the easiest ways you can foster network growth is to join AFCEA and get involved. With more than 100 chapters world-wide, your opportunities to meet people who can help you professionally or  help you and your company land that proposal are endless.

Networking becomes easy once you start to get to know the other members in your chapter. You develop a relationship and build a level of trust. Then, they are willing to connect you with other professionals who can help you advance. Who is better at supporting you than your friends in your network?

"Since I became a member of AFCEA, I have not had to apply for a single job."- Luke Howe

"My team, my company, the industry, and our customer benefits from everything that we learn through the mentorships, relationships, and networking AFCEA brings. It makes everything a lot easier for us." - Jenifer Spencer, Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter

"I strongly believe you only go as far as your network. AFCEA has definitely helped me create a huge network nationwide of people I can reach back to for work, for personal, or for new and fresh ideas. My network allows me to learn what’s going on in different industries and how that can impact my life and my current career.” – Kameke Mitchell, Montgomery Chapter

Check out our website for more information. Unlike other organizations that charge hefty fees to join, AFCEA's dues are only $50 for the entire year. That’s only two weeks of your favorite Starbucks treat!

Learn more about the AFCEA Educational Foundation.