Service and Outreach with Emerging Leaders


We are all called to serve others.

One of AFCEA's main focus areas is giving back to our communities by funding STEM scholarships across the world. This outreach not only positively impacts future generations, but also provides members with the opportunity to serve others, improve leadership skills, and most importantly, helps others pursue their educational dreams.

Most of our AFCEA chapters host events to raise funds for scholarships. As a member, you will have multiple ways to get involved. You can be part of the planning committee, attend the event, and help present the scholarships to the winners. Some of the fundraising activities that chapters have sponsored include: 5Ks, Cycle for STEM, Bull and Oyster Roasts (or similar type events), and golf tournaments.

Watch these videos and read the quotes about how service and outreach opportunities have positively impacted our members' lives and the communities they help!

Capt. Mike Nettis, USAF, Hawaii Chapter

Sherri Babylon, Kaiserslautern Chapter

“AFCEA is one of those organizations that not only supports DOD, but also supports scholarships for folks who want to get involved with STEM, intelligence, and those kinds of things. The mission is very important to me. I used to be an elementary school teacher. Getting into this industry has been wonderful to network with an organization that supports education and supports scholarships.” - Kendra Andrew, Central Maryland Chapter

“The people I work with on the board are committed to philanthropy, to STEM, and to really representing the epitome of the electronics and communications industry." - Andrea Loper, Los Angeles Chapter

Check out our website for more information. Unlike other organizations that charge hefty fees to join, AFCEA's dues are only $50 for the entire year. That’s only two weeks of your favorite Starbucks treat!

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