Emerging Leadership Award

The Emerging Leadership Award is given for exceptional service to AFCEA at the local chapter level and/or AFCEA International level. This award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated continuous leadership in Emerging Leader activities since winning the Distinguished Young AFCEAN (DYA) or Distinguished Young Professional (DYP) Award.  Nominees for this award are evaluated through September of the current year.

The Emerging Leadership nomination will be graded on the following:

  •     How the nominee has grown in their development as a leader in the local Emerging Leader community
  •     Leadership roles the nominee has taken in the local AFCEAN community at-large—outside of the Emerging Leader community
  •     Contributions the nominee made to the Emerging Leader community at the HQ International level
  •     Mentoring provided by the nominee during the award year
  •     How the nominee has distinguished themselves as a professional in their community


  •     Must be a current AFCEA member
  •     Must be forty (40) years of age or under as of December 31 of the current year
  •     Must be a previous Distinguished Young AFCEAN or Distinguished Young Professional winner -- awarded a minimum of two years ago
  •     Cannot have previously won this Emerging Leadership Award
  •     Individual cannot nominate themselves
  •     Must be actively mentoring and involved with the Emerging Leaders
  •     Must have demonstrated continuous leadership in Emerging Leader activities since winning the DYA/DYP award
  •     Nomination must be endorsed by the nominee's AFCEA Regional Vice President


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2020 Emerging Leadership Award Winners 

Tija Brown, Datum Software, Montgomery Chapter

  Krystin Fakalata, Macalogic, Dayton-Wright Chapter

  Dave Fries, Praxis Engineering Technologies, Central Maryland Chapter

  John Garrity, Brixey & Meyer, Dayton-Wright Chapter

  Therese Holland, Razorfish, Bethesda Chapter

  Brandon Lester, SRC Technologies, Hawaii Chapter

  Sarah Loerzel, U.S. Air Force, Lexington-Concord Chapter

  Valerie Warnock, Geocent, South Carolina Low Country Chapter


2019 Emerging Leadership Award Winners 


Patrick Hamilton, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lexington-Concord Chapter 

Alisha Kelly, Trace Systems Inc., Northern Virginia Chapter 

Laura Marion, Aperture Federal, South Carolina Low Country Chapter

Dr. Daniel Sowders, Broadleaf, Aberdeen Chapter


2018 Emerging Leadership Award Winners


From left: Jeremy Spund, Kristin Smith, Cody Mruk, Jeremy Martin, Capt Jamila Evans, USAF, SSgt Ashley Gentry, USAF, TSgt Amy Kern, USAF, and Capt Mark A. Lebedzinski, USAF

Dr. Lucia Di Giambattista, Agenzia per i'Italia Digitale, Rome Chapter

Capt Jamila Evans, USAF, DISA-Pacific, Hawaii Chapter

SSgt Ashley Gentry, USAF, 1st Air and Space Communications Operations Squadron, Kaiserslautern Chapter

TSgt Amy Kern, USAF, 603rd Air Communications Squadron, Kaiserslautern Chapter

Capt Mark A. Lebedzinski, USAF, Air Force Special Operations Command, Emerald Coast Chapter

Jeremy Martin, Shield Consulting, Central Maryland Chapter

Cody Mruk, NIC Federal, LLC, Bethesda Chapter

Kristin Smith, Crowne Plaza Charleston, South Carolina Low Country Chapter

Jeremy Spund, ICF, South Florida Chapter



2017 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

From left: Brent Ahlers, John Foster, Kendra Iozzo, Ryan Rene Rosado, Matthew Deutsch

Brent Ahlers, Gartner, Dayton-Wright Chapter

Matthew Deutsch, U.S. Air Force, Lexington-Concord Chapter

Nicholas Farinacci, TEKsystems, Los Angeles Chapter

John Foster, Fearless Solutions, Central Maryland Chapter

Kendra Iozzo, Tensley Consulting, Inc., Central Maryland Chapter

Kristina Kelly, Blackstone Federal, Bethesda Chapter

Ryan Rene Rosado, Ernst & Young, Alamo Chapter

Alexa Tsui, Technik, Inc., Northern Virginia Chapter


2016 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

From left: Adam Vencill, Chi-Lai Poon, Ashley Becker, Kimberly Cranson

Ing. Lubomir Almer, University of Defence, Czech Chapter

Ashley Becker, Ernst & Young, New York Founders Chapter

Kimberly Cranson, MIKEL, Lexington-Concord Chapter

Chi-Lai Poon, Array Information Technology, Northern Virginia Chapter

Brittany Trocher, Polaris Alpha, Aberdeen Chapter

Adam Vencill, AFLCMC, Montgomery Chapter


2015 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

From left to right: Tim Jahnigen, Sebastian Leinhos, Andrea Loper, Matthew Carroll, MSgt Paul Vinson, USAF

Matthew Carroll, Accenture, Lexington-Concord Chapter

Tim Jahnigen, T2S Solutions, Aberdeen Chapter

Sebastian Leinhos, qedcon GmbH, Bonn E.V. Chapter

Andrea Loper, Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles Chapter

Mari Spyker, Blackstone Technology Group, Bethesda Chapter

MSgt Paul Vinson, USAF, United States Air Force, Kaiserslautern Chapter 


2014 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

Emerging Leadership Award 2014

Nik Acheson (not pictured)

Elenchus Technologies
Central Maryland Chapter

SMSgt Douglas Brock, USAF

Warrior Preparation Center
Kaiserslautern Chapter

Tamar Mintz

Highlight Technologies
Bethesda Chapter

Stephan Nadeau

Lexington-Concord Chapter

MSgt Neil Stewart, USAF

AFLCMC, Business Enterprise Systems
Montgomery Chapter

Major Joseph Watson, USAF

United States Air Force
Hawaii Chapter

2013 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

2012 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

2011 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

2010 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

2009 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

2008 Emerging Leadership Award Winners

2007 Emerging Leadership Award Winners


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