Young AFCEAN Chapter Program Award

 The Young AFCEAN Chapter Program Award is given to the chapter which has most significantly contributed to the professional development of younger AFCEANs by providing a forum of programs and initiatives geared to their unique needs. Chapters of similar size compete with each other for this award and there are five different size categories.

Chapters can only be nominated for this Young AFCEAN Chapter Program Award if they have received the Model Young AFCEAN Program award in the same year.

Examples of qualifying programs:

  •     Career development events (e.g. seminars, panels, tours and job fairs)
  •     Recognition, award and scholarship programs for young AFCEANs
  •     Opportunities for chapter committee participation by young AFCEANs
  •     Sponsorship of subchapters at academic or military/government training centers


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2016 Young AFCEAN Chapter Program Award Winners

Alamo Chapter

Montgomery Chapter

Washington DC Chapter

Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter (not pictured)


2015 Young AFCEAN Chapter Program Award Winners

Bonn E.V. Chapter and Kaiserslautern Chapter (joint submission for 2015)

Central Maryland Chapter

Lexington-Concord Chapter

Montgomery Chapter


2014 Young AFCEAN Chapter Program Award Winners

YAC Program Award 2014

Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter

Hawaii Chapter

Montgomery Chapter

Washington DC Chapter


2013 Young AFCEAN Chapter Program Award Winners


Alamo Chapter

The Alamo Young AFCEA chapter entered 2013 with a laser focus on growing membership and involvement; fostering mentorship and educational opportunities for young professionals; and giving back to a very supportive Military City USA community. Throughout the year, Alamo Young AFCEANs have engaged students and faculty at the Universities of Texas, San Antonio and The Incarnate Word, hoping to add two new student chapters. The YAFs also generated quality publicity through the use of social media, frequent writeups in SIGNAL Magazine and radio appearances resulting in an increased involvement by 50% at events, a 400% increase on LinkedIn, and a 600% improvement on Facebook views. Education took priority when the Young AFCEANs arranged a series of well-attended discussions including a Breakfast Panel about Securing Your Data, and Lunch and Learn events on topics such as Mobile Applications and The Weaponization of Cyber Space, eligible for CEUs in Information Technology (IT). The Young AFCEANs continued to promote IT training by arranging special tours with industry including to the Southwest Research Institute's Aerospace Test Facility and the Oracle and Dell Computer companies in Austin. Alamo Young AFCEANs emphasize mentorship in all their activities, including their Mentor-Protégé dinner; a new concept called Speed-Mentoring, allowing young professionals to connect with 20 leaders for a five minute Q&A session; and at a Women in IT lunch and a For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics Competition. Alamo Young AFCEANs worked with AFCEA International to create a new Way Ahead Program which pairs Wounded Warriors with technical mentors to assist in STEM skills training and reemployment.

Fort Knox Chapter

The 2013 Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter Young AFCEAN program can be described with two statements: exceptional growth and giving back to membership. In 2013 the Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter Young AFCEAN Program conducted three Young AFCEAN events. Each of these events consisted of training seminars related to the IT work which the community is responsible for on a daily basis. These events consisted of one to two hour sessions specifically marketed to the Young AFCEAN community. Events included a Hands-on HTML5 workshop, IT Service Management and Cloud Computing Lunch and Learn sessions. Each of these sessions was well attended and feedback was extremely positive. These sessions drove an increase in Young AFCEAN membership within the Chapter. On 1 January 2013 the chapter's Young AFCEAN membership consisted of 33 Young AFCEANs. The chapter continues to increase its Young AFCEANs demographics through numerous efforts adding as many as 12 new Young AFCEANs in one month. The Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter Young AFCEAN program provides internship opportunities within the Executive Committee to continue to expand and develop new skills in areas such as marketing, event planning, web development, networking with senior leadership and community outreach. During 2013 Young AFCEANs were represented on the Chapter Executive Committee, Scholarship Review Committee and special events committees and contributed to the success of three General Membership meetings, three Young AFCEAN training events, the annual fund raiser and the distribution of $12,000 in scholarships for high school and college students.

Montgomery Chapter

The Montgomery Chapter Young AFCEAN (YAF) program continued to grow during 2013, with its Business over Breakfast (BoB) Series, a staple of the YAF Montgomery Chapter. This program is a significant training tool for YAF members, enabling them to interact directly with senior leaders from government and industry. This year’s BoB series broke new ground with such training as turning hobbies into a career, where local entrepreneurs interacted with members; senior leadership guidance on increasing the probability of promotion; and advice on how the Air Force and Industry can legally partner from the Air Force’s senior area attorney. While the BoBs put the YAF program on the map, the Young AFCEANs continue to innovate with their YAFS in-the-Community initiatives. Their signature event was coordinating the chapter’s annual golf tournament, where they raised more than $140,000 to support local STEM scholarships and the chapter’s Education Foundation, provided the behind-the-scenes brain power for the community’s Computer Olympiad, and sat on the boards while also participating directly in local Middle School and High School Magnet IT programs. The YAF has also created a group of local entrepreneurs that continue to excel, where the leaders get together and help each other be successful. For yet another year, the YAFs conducted the Gunter picnic and Olympics, with running, volleyball, basketball, kickball, and video games. This is part of their bigger YAF-in-the-Community fitness program, where YAFs participate as a group in running events throughout the year. For example, the YAFs had approximately 20 members with custom AFCEA t-Shirts participate in the Montgomery Half-Marathon to help promote Air Force and Industry fitness.

Northern Virginia Chapter

AFCEA NOVA Chapter Young AFCEANs dedicated this past year to innovation, increasing the value to membership and finding new ways to honor and support the Warfighter. The efforts of NOVA's Young AFCEANs produced innovative ways to connect with members through social media. @AFCEANOVA was created to provide dialogue and it is the symbol of the Young AFCEAN Social Media committee. AFCEA NOVA now has Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, with Instagram following soon. A Young AFCEAN at every chapter event captures pictures, speaker quotes and member reactions. At the Joint Warfighter IT Day, the event was Tweeted live for the first time. Young AFCEA NOVA members have been an integral part of developing new marketing packages for advertising chapter events and they are leading sponsorship drives for IT Days. The NOVA Young AFCEANs hosted a Mentor Protégé Night in the summer to bring together emerging leaders and seasoned professionals to share ideas and develop leaders of the future in the federal IT industry. Young AFCEANs created the AFCEA NOVA VIVA VETS 5K Run/Walk to support veteran's scholarships with over 200 runners, 40 Young AFCEAN volunteers, 13 sponsors, and 14 supporting partners assembling for a spectacular event on September 29, 2013. Since 2009, the Young AFCEANs have collected more than $30,000 on behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project. This past year they formed chapter relationships with the Salute Military Golf Association and Luke's Wings. The NOVA Young AFCEANs enjoy a strong relationship with members of sister chapters in DC and Bethesda. They are a group of hard-working, motivated, self-sacrificing individuals dedicated to AFCEA and to ensuring the success of AFCEA NOVA, involved in every facet of Chapter activities including sponsorship, arranging speakers, logistics, and administration.

2012 Young AFCEAN Chapter Program Award Winners

YAC Program 2012 Winners

ArkLaTex Chapter

The ArkLaTex Chapter's Young AFCEAN Program grew from 57 to 79 young AFCEANs within the seven month period leading up to September 2012 where they now comprise 34 percent of the chapter’s overall membership. The ArkLaTex Young AFCEANs hold chapter board positions as Membership Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity Chair, and Programs Coordinator. The Young AFCEAN Program worked with the Membership Committee to bring three new Student Chapters into AFCEA, increasing membership of Young AFCEANs and enhancing the relationship between the chapter and local academic institutions. Early in the year, the Young AFCEAN Program Chairman noted a lack of continuing education opportunities within the community that were available for AFCEA members, both military and non-military, to meet IT certification requirements. Seeing this need, the Young AFCEAN Program chartered a plan and developed a free Continuing Education Lunch and Learn Program. Since the program's start, members of the local community acquired over 80 hours of continuing education credit. Involvement by the Young AFCEANs in the chapter’s committees ensures successful monthly chapter board and general membership meetings as well as the chapter’s signature events such as the Annual Scholarship Banquet and Golf Tournament. Additionally, the chapter’s Young AFCEANs were vital to the distribution of $8,000 in Science Teaching Tool Grants to four high schools for classroom equipment enhancements or innovative activities for special science-related teaching projects emphasizing STEM curricula, promoting future AFCEA membership growth. With its numerous contributions to young professionals, the ArkLaTex Chapter’s Young AFCEAN Program is most deserving of this award recognition.

Bethesda Chapter

What defined the program last year boils down to one word, substance. The Bethesda Chapter Program had enough substance to make the Young AFCEANs and overall community better than it was a year ago they by fostering career growth, making it easier for new Young AFCEANs to get involved, working with scholarship beneficiaries, and last, but certainly not least, recognizing and awarding leaders/emerging leaders. Last year the Chapter created a Mentor-Protégé program that paired up Young AFCEANs with senior leaders in their respective industries. Over the course of six months they attended various networking/industry events together, had weekly calls, and met on a monthly basis to catch up. In total the program changed the careers of eight mentors and eight mentees, and the Bethesda Chapter looks forward to growing the program each year! The Young AFCEANs put on a total of six events for the Chapter, along with monthly Young AFCEAN networking events. By the YACs taking the lead on these, it allowed the Chapter to recruit new members and help them take a more hands-on role within the group. Every member that wanted a leadership position was given the opportunity to lead. The YACs also participated in an outreach program where they mentored scholarship recipients on how to prepare themselves for a career in Federal IT. The outreach program allowed the YAC members to mentor the future generations of Young AFCEANs.

Central Maryland Chapter

Dedicated and continued care to member engagement, combined with increased opportunities and exposure for chapter and community members, has led the Central Maryland Chapter’s Young AFCEANs (CMD YAC) to become the foundation to the growth, outreach, and development of young professionals in the federal intelligence community. The CMD YACs have put on a number of events including a training program with UMBC, the monthly information exchange and fundraising series “Technology over Bagels”, Mentorship Nights, Monthly Socials, and a new weekend ski retreat to Seven Springs Mountain Resort. In addition to the many events put on by the Young AFCEANs, the YACs continued to support the Chapter’s annual Bull and Oyster Roast. One of the largest fund raisers for the chapter, this YAC run event has seen an increase in attendance and participation from local sponsors and industry/government involvement. The chapter was able to raise 30% more than last year, nearing $50,000, which serves several AFCEA scholarship funds. The YACs support other chapter level events including the Valentines Gala, 5K run, monthly luncheons, science fairs, local STEM events, and local tech council seminars. Additionally, the YACs, in conjunction with several chapters, hosted the 2012 TechNet Land Forces Conference, with the CMD YACs sponsoring a social after the week’s events. The Central Maryland YACs also continued with the establishment and development of the AFCEA Student Club with Anne Arundel Community College. The student club is established and has a strong base.

Hawaii Chapter

During Calendar Year 2010, the AFCEA Hawaii Board of Directors initiated a number of programs targeting the growth and sustainability of Chapter membership. In addition to the three to five percent membership-growth-per-calendar-year objective, increasing the number of AFCEA Hawaii Young AFCEANs to fifty percent of total membership by the end of Calendar Year 2015 was a secondary target. To achieve the latter the Board created the officer position of Vice President for Young AFCEANs Government. The existing officer position of Vice President for Young AFCEANs was modified to support Young AFCEANs from Industry. The combined efforts of LT James Micciche and Ilan Amir have resulted in the following events/programs that are growing the AFCEA Hawaii Young AFCEAN population by three to five new members per month: initiation of a three-tiered mentoring program, recognition of Young AFCEANs through expansion of the monthly awards program, AFCEA Hawaii monthly luncheons geared to issues of importance to Young AFCEANs, initiation of a Young AFCEAN panel to be held during the annual TechNet Asia-Pacific conference, Young AFCEAN socials geared to the recruitment of new Young AFCEANs, and development of a scholarship program for Young AFCEANs that pays for technical certifications.

2011 Young AFCEAN Chapter Program Award Winners


Central Maryland Chapter

The YAC community within the Central Maryland Chapter has a long history of success, continuously identifying new members and strong leaders that empower the chapter as it takes on new challenges and reaches new heights. The YACs of Central Maryland are truly deserving of the Young AFCEAN Program Award. First, they maintained and enhanced their many and varied contributions to the chapter's success, exhibiting all the positive traits for which AFCEA stands - including leadership, hard work, teamwork, integrity, and commitment. While this extensive body of contributions would alone be worthy of strong consideration for this award, Central Maryland's YACs undertook additional initiatives including establishing a new Student Club at Anne Arundel Community College and leading regional YAC outreach efforts focused on collaboration across chapters. We can count on this inspiring group of YACs as the fabric of the chapter's success today, and at the regional and international levels in the future.

Lexington-Concord Chapter

This was another impressive year for the Young AFCEANs of Lexington-Concord. In particular their community outreach and support to furthering STEM in the local schools has been exceptional. This year, due to their pioneering efforts two years ago, Hanscom was selected for inclusion in the DoD STARBASE program to further the development of STEM in elementary school fifth graders. The LCYAs provide a well- rounded set of programs that impoves each and every year. They are deserving of the Young AFCEAN Program Award.

Montgomery Chapter

The Chapter started to move forward with its Young AFCEA program in September 2010. At that time there were 18 active YACs; currently, they have 86 YACs -- over 350% increase in membership participation. What a stellar performance of this incredible YAAC council! Their first annual Young AFCEA Advisory Council Montgomery Chapter golf outing took place following the Air Force Information Technology Conference. Although Hurricane Irene prevented a number of registrants from attending, they enjoyed more than 150 government and industry participants. More than 20 sponsors supported the YAAC Montgomery Chapter golf outing, and as a result of sponsors and registrants, they grossed over $35,000. Equally impressive is the substance of their Business over Breakfast series. Additionally, the impact of the Montgomery Young AFCEANs relative to supporting the education of students in the Montgomery River Region is beyond measure. They have developed and implemented numerous programs in support of STEM attributes. The Montgomery Chapter is most deserving of the Young AFCEAN Program Award!

Middle Georgia Chapter

The Young AFCEANs are the ones who have kept this Chapter going through the various changes in leadership -- there was one meeting where only five attended with four being young AFCEANS; with a more recent meeting hosting over forty in attendance. There are one or two of the "faithful" members that continue to serve, but the momentum in the Chapter goes to the young. The Young AFCEAN of the Month program (based primarily on the military communications mission and is usually awarded to a young enlisted person) has been very successful. This a great way to promote the legacy to those coming behind! This has been the only Chapter in the region with a program for the last few years. The YACs most definitely deserve the award! community within the Central Maryland Chapter has a long history of success, continuously identifying new

2010 Young AFCEAN Chapter Program Award Winners


Fort Monmouth Chapter

Due to the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), the Fort Monmouth Young AFCEANs have been in a unique position and tackled challenges that few, if any, other chapters had to face, constant attrition of members to other installations, chapters, and industries while maintaining members through constant recruitment. Despite these obstacles, the Young AFCEANs have strived to meet members’ needs and be a positive and influential role model for the community. They have excelled in the areas of career development through formalized events and scholarship programs, held chapter officer positions, and have branched out to support other groups and organizations to uphold the values of AFCEA.

Scott-St. Louis Area Chapter

The Scott-St. Louis Area Chapter Young AFCEAN program has taken an exciting transition this year, from a small effort by a few individuals to a growing and vibrant program marked by enthusiasm and energy. That enthusiasm is catching, and starting to rub off on many older corporate members. The Young AFCEAN program has struggled for many years due to heavy workloads and high demands for younger members. That workload has not diminished; if anything, the stress of deployments and pressure of supporting the warfighters has put even more demands on all the Chapter’s members. The Young AFCEAN program at the Scott chapter has grown in membership, activity, and impact. That is a tribute to the Young AFCEAN leadership and the overall quality and dedication of our young AFCEANS.

Washington DC Chapter

The progress made by the Washington DC Chapter Young AFCEANS has been outstanding and their membership has doubled in just the last two years. The chapter relies heavily on the YAFCEANs for vital support for all the major events: 9 Luncheon Panel programs, a very large (1,000 attendees) Winter Corcoran Gala, the Spring Military Leadership Awards Gala, and two major Technical Symposia. Their professional development programs are extremely well run with outstanding content from senior Business Development leaders, and offering more than most corporate programs. They actively support Science Fairs and Science Teaching tools in the DC schools.

2009 Young AFCEAN Chapter Program Award Winners


Lexington-Concord Chapter

The Lexington-Concord Young AFCEANs had another phenomenal year. They’ve hosted five mentorship events, championed the OSD/R-run STARBASE Program, sponsored the YMCA Inner City AERO Challenge, and helped place 32 high school students into Defense/Aerospace companies for summer internships. They facilitated $32,500 in ROTC scholarships, partnered in sending more than 1,000 packages to troops around the world and attained two positions on the Chapter’s Executive Committee. In sum, many great accomplishments were achieved in 2009!

Stuttgart Chapter

The Stuttgart Chapter is one of AFCEA’s most active. Major commands in its area include USEUCOM, USAFRICOM, and DISA-Europe. Despite its Small Chapter status, it conducts numerous activities and social events associated with Young AFCEANs. The Stuttgart Chapter awards annual scholarships ($10,000 in U.S. Savings Bonds) to local DOD and Stuttgart area High School seniors and presents a special Mentorship program with the DOD Patch High School. Yearly IT tours involving both High School students and junior military personnel in Germany also take place in addition to two annual Tech Expos, multiple luncheons, and an annual Golf Classic.

2008 Young AFCEAN Chapter Program Award Winners


Kaiserslautern Chapter

This chapter is the premier AFCEA chapter in Europe. One of the critical reasons for this is their active recruitment, involvement and rewarding of young AFCEANs of all ranks and grades. They have done this year after year and the chapter has continued to grow and be recognized as an exceptional organization in their community. Being a member of this chapter is a must for the communicators in the Kaiserslautern Military Community and is on the critical path for young AFCEANS to be promoted in their career fields.

Lexington-Concord Chapter

The Lexington Concord Young AFCEANs (LCYAs) have had a truly phenomenal year. They partnered with the local AFA Chapter to support the AFCYBER Symposium, championed the OSD//R-run STARBASE program, helped run the MATHCOUNTS State Competition, sponsored the YMCA Inner City AERO Challenge, sent more than 1,000 care packages to troops around the world, brought on 30 new Young AFCEANS, and formed their own Executive Committee, mirroring that of the Chapter. In sum, they rule!

2007 Young AFCEAN Chapter Program Award Winners


Central Maryland Chapter

The Central Maryland Chapter’s Young AFCEAN Program is vibrant, enabling much of the Chapter’s overall success. They sponsor the Bull & Oyster Roast, Technology Over Bagels Seminars, Professional Development Seminars, and Mentorship Nights. Their elected leadership team has documented their position descriptions and has shared their strategy with other Young AFCEAN Programs. The Young AFCEANs lead the Adopt-a-School program, teaching and mentoring juniors about interviewing, career planning, goal setting and communication skills.

Northern Virginia Chapter

The very active NOVA Young AFCEAN Program offers multiple opportunities for career development and provides essential support to Chapter activities and events. Monthly planning meetings, socials, professional tours, Mentor-Protégé and Career Transition nights allow the YAFCEANs to interact with peers and senior industry and government representatives. YAFCEANs act as mentors to the George Mason University (GMU) Sub-Chapter, helping students to draw upon resources in the technology community. The Program is an invaluable resource for recruiting new members, developing new leaders, and building lifelong loyalty to AFCEA.

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