Defense Committee

At its core, AFCEA has always been about defense and the role that technology plays in it. Never has it been more important to provide an ethical forum for government, industry and academia to support the Defense Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the Intelligence Community and all agencies and companies. Whether it is defending a piece of land, a city, other warfighters or networks, without the ability to communicate, troops are at a severe disadvantage. Intelligence cannot be shared; orders cannot be relayed; and advances cannot take place.

Members of the AFCEA Defense Committee know what it takes to keep those lines of communication open. They are members of government and industry. They have been users, developers, researchers and innovators. Many have watched the fast and furious advances in technology—and their consequences—over the past decade.

Using their expertise and experience, committee members help AFCEA shape the way the association meets the ever-changing needs of the defense community. Whether it is in the United States, the Middle East or Europe, all countries that strive to live free are vulnerable to the same conditions that pose similar challenges. These communications and defense professionals support AFCEA leaders to ensure they know the most effective ways to reach within the association and then reach out to the association’s membership.

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