Emerging Leader Professional Development


Are you looking for opportunities for professional development?

Look no further! Join AFCEA today and get involved with the Emerging Leaders!


What is the Emerging Leaders Group? Emerging Leaders are AFCEA members and professionals ages 40 and younger. Joining the group offers you excellent opportunities to grow your network and leadership skills as well as become a better employee.

Professional development, which encompasses facilitated learning opportunities such as classes, also involves observing others do their job well. In addition, you'll always learn something new when you attend conferences where you gain knowledge about your chosen professional field. AFCEA offers you all of these benefits, whether it's through engaging a mentor, attending a conference to gain continuing education (CE) credit, taking on leadership roles, winning awards or gaining industry knowledge through SIGNAL Media. 

Read what current members of the organization have to say about how being an Emerging Leader has helped them grow professionally and how membership can do the same for you!

It’s about getting involved. This is my way of sharing a not-so-secret sauce. If you are in the DoD IT/Comm space and are starting out like I did as an under 40 professional, engaging  is a MUST.

The typical keywords you’ll hear people talk about is networking, mentorship, and the like. What does it mean in real world terms….career development and enhancement.

By getting involved, I was able to network with and prove myself to senior leaders in government and industry. As you probably know, for a large industry, we are a small community, and your name and reputation are invaluable.”

Carey Bandler, Enterprise Solutions Realized, Inc., 2007 Distinguished Young AFCEAN of the Year,
former Co-President of the Young AFCEAN Advisory Council

“AFCEA has provided me with the opportunity to meet and get to know like-minded professionals in a community that can sometimes seem difficult to integrate into from the outside. Through the relationships I have made and continue to develop, I have not only met important and influential people but I have also been able to find common ground with them and, in some cases, receive valuable advice regarding my professional development, opportunities for growth, and ways to make a difference. It is my hope and intent to maintain my membership and involvement throughout my career so that one day, I might help others as I have been helped.” 

Lindsay Clarke, Arista Networks, AFCEA EPIC (Emerging Professionals in Intelligence Committee) member

"I have been a member of AFCEA EPIC since 2013. Through my affiliation with AFCEA, I've had multiple opportunities to interact with premier Intelligence and IT professionals who have been key to my professional growth. AFCEA provides opportunities to remain current with key issues facing our intelligence community as well as opportunities for giving back to the community. I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful organization."

Jacqueline Bahe, Founder and CEO/President, BWM Outcomes LLC


Check out our website for more information. Unlike other organizations that charge hefty sums to join, AFCEA's dues are only $50 for the whole year. That’s only two weeks of your favorite Starbucks treat! 

Read more about our specific professional development opportunities.

If you have any questions, please contact The Emerging Leader coordinator.