Homeland Security Committee


AFCEA’s Homeland Security Committee comprises volunteers from the public and private sectors who help ensure that collaboration, cooperation and communication take place throughout government agencies at all levels. Committee members meet regularly to examine the latest threats to nations and discuss ideas for solutions.

What the Committee Does

Securing the homeland from all possible threats is an impossible task. However, AFCEA’s Homeland Security Committee recognizes that identifying threats and alleviating risks are the first of many steps toward the goal. By keeping the lines of communication open—from industry to law enforcement personnel to federal agency leaders—the committee ensures that the association is accomplishing its mission to ensure an ethical forum for the exchange of ideas.

During event-planning sessions, committee members offer ideas and expertise to provide AFCEA with the information it needs to be relevant in a security-conscious environment. In addition, they make their expertise available to AFCEANs worldwide so other nations can address homeland defense issues in their countries.

Each year, Homeland Security Committee members are intimately involved in creating the agenda for AFCEA International’s Homeland Security Conference. In addition to determining the most crucial topics to discuss, they seek out the best experts to present a balanced view about both the threats and possible solutions.

Other Homeland Security Committee Tasks and Contributions

  • Promote and support AFCEA membership within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security throughout the international community.
  • Support SIGNAL Magazine by encouraging contributions and offering ideas for homeland security-related articles, blogs and interviews.

White Papers

Committee Charter

AFCEA Homeland Security Committee Collaboration files:

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Committee Membership Roster

Committee Membership:

If you are an AFCEA industry member and would like to serve on the Homeland Security Committee, apply online.
Note: Government committee liaisons and academia members do not participate in election consideration, but are appointed by their organizations.

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