Past Intelligence Award Winners


(formerly the AFCEA Intelligence Distinguished Service Award)

2017 Ambassador Hugh Montgomery. Ph.D.
2016 Dr. Donald Kerr, The MITRE Corporation 
2015 Director Robert Cardillo, National Geospatial-Intelligene Agency
2013 Mr. David Shedd, Deputy Director, Defense Intelligence Agency
2012 The Honorable Stephanie O'Sullivan, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
2011 Letitia A. Long, Director, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
2010 Dr. Lawrence Gershwin, National Intelligence Officer for Science and Technology
2009 The Honorable Dr. Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense
2008 The Honorable John M. McConnell, Director of National Intelligence
2007 Admiral William Studeman, USN (Ret.), Consultant, Northrop Grumman Corporation
2006   Dr. Mark Lowenthal, President and CEO, The Intelligence & Security Academy
2005   LTG Patrick Hughes, USA (Ret.)
2004   Lt Gen James R. Clapper, Jr., USAF, Director, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
2003   The Honorable Porter J. Goss, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
2002 Lt Gen Michael Hayden, USAF, Director, National Security Agency
2001 LTG James C. King, USA, Director, National Imagery and Mapping Agency
2000   Maj Gen Richard J. O'Lear, USAF (Ret.), Director, Business Development, Lockheed Martin Management & Data Systems
1999   James P. Peak, Director, Intelink Management Office
1998   Lt Gen Kenneth A. Minihan, USAF, Director, National Security Agency
1997   Mr. Keith R. Hall, Director, National Reconnaissance Office, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Space)
1996   Mr. Anthony C. Durante, HQ Electronic Systems Center
1995   Mr. Russel E. Myers, Atlantic Intelligence Command
  Mr. Steven T. Schanzer, Intelligence Systems Secretariat, Community Management Staff
1994   Brig Gen Leonard F. Kwiatkowski, USAF, MILSATCOM Joint Program Office
1993   Mr. Duane P. Andrews, Senior Vice President, Science Applications International Corporation
1992   Mr. James O. Bush, Vice President, Information Systems Division, Planning Research Corporation
1991   Mr. George R. Cotter, Chief Scientist, National Security Agency
1990   Dr. J.R. Burnett, Executive Vice President & Deputy General Manager, TRW Space & Defense Sector


2001 Mr. Charles Allen, Central Intelligence Agency


2010 Mr. Dennis Fitzgerald


2017 Mr. Fisher H. Little, III, U.S. Air Force 624th Operations Center
2016 Major Bradley S. Hyatt, USAF, United States Air Force Personnel Center
2015 Ms. Clemente Avery, DHS/ICE Homeland Security Investigations Office of Intelligence
2013 Ms. Marilyn Vacca, Associate Director of National Intelligence and Chief Financial Officer, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
2012 Dr. Matthew Gaston, Director, Software Engineering Institute Innovation Center, Carnegie Mellon University
2011 Ms. Sherri Ramsay, Director of the NSA/CSS Threat Operations Center
2011 Ms. Barbara Sullivan, eContent Engineer Manager, DIA/Directorate for Information Management and Chief Information Office
2010 Secretary of Defense Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Task Force
2010 Ms. Vicki Jo McBee, National Counter Terrorism Center
2009 Mr. Jonathan Velasquez, CITP Program Manager, Pragmatics, Inc.
2009 Lieutenant Colonel Steven Blair, USAF, Chief, Intelligence Office, 552 Operations Support Squadron / Intelligence Flight
2008 Mr. Bob Gourley, CTO, Crucial Point LLC
2008 Mr. Richard C. Schaeffer, Jr., Information Assurance Director, National Security Agency
2007 Dr. Lisa Costa, Chief Scientist, The MITRE Corporation
2006   MSgt S. Makeva Simmons, USAF, 480th Intelligence Wing, Langley AFB
2005   Barbara C. Sampe, 1 st Air and Space Communications Operations Squadron
2004   Dr. Robert Boily, Inforex Inc
2003   CAPT Mark F. Greer, USN, Office of Naval Intelligence
2002 Major Paul A. Welch, USAFE, USAFE Network Operations and Security Center
2001   Antonino D. Amoroso, Electronic Systems Center