Young Intelligence Professionals Offer New Approaches

SIGNAL Magazine - November 2013

The AFCEA Emerging Professionals in Intelligence Committee (EPIC) has focused on vital intelligence topoics in a series of meetings, with subsequent sessions building on the results of previous gatherings, both internal and external. Earlier this year, EPIC was honored to host Rear Adm. Rose LeVitre, USN (Ret.), vice chairman for the Integration Management Council, Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). Adm. LeVitre shared her thoughts on the National Intelligence Council's "Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds," and she challenged EPIC to evaluate each scenario and provide insight and perspective on the report along with implications for the future of the intelligence community.

Through virtual and in-person brainstorming sessions, EPIC members developed a formal briefing based on the "Global Trends 2030" scenarios and their impact on U.S. intelligence. The briefing also highlighted the innovations and changes needed to meet the challenges of 2030.

In July, EPIC members led by Erica Andren-Reyes of BAE Systems provided a thought-provoking presentation and engaged with Adm. LeVitre regarding "Global Trends 2030." Several of the assumptions discussed formed the basis of the reccomendations presented in EPIC's analysis, which included suggested intelligence community changes to ensure its preparedness to meet the challenges of 2030. EPIC's overall vision for 2030 includes changes in analytic methodologies, technological capabilities, collection methodoogies and a strikingly different work force with remarkably improved collaboration practicies.

In addition to EPIC's ODNI briefing, EPIC member Jesse Nielsen of Booz Allen Hamilton led a team in the development of a presentation on social media and its use within the intelligence community. The briefing was presented to initiate open discussions between the two committees on the potential of increased collaboration across the community through various social media tools.

EPIC is a high-energy group sponsored by the long-standing AFCEA Intelligence Committee. It focuses on developing leaders, networking and giving back to the intelligence community. The committee, composed of intelligence community professionals under the age of 40 from both the public and private sectors, enhances AFCEA's outreach and education to the community. During its monthly meetings, the committee hosts guest speakers from around the intelligence community who educate the next generation of intelligence leaders.