Small Business Committee Members

Hee Ahn, iVision Consulting

Ash Banerjee, The Brite Group Inc

Judy Bradt, Summit Insight

Barbara Bridges, Garrison

Taylor Conway, Suntiva

Rick Crawford, Insperity, Inc.

Claire Cuccio, SNVC

Dee Cutler, WiSC Enterprises

Dean Daghita, Command Services & Support, Inc.

Dwight Deneal, Defense Logistics Agency

Chunlei Ding, Celerens

Joshua Duvall, Matross Edwards LLC

Joshua Elphee, GDIT

Ruben Gavilan, NexThreat

Alison Gonzalez, Essential Assests Group, Inc.

Carlton Harris, End to End Computing

Charles Helwig, Odyssey Systems Consulting Group

Katie Helwig, ITSC Secure Solutions, LLC

Clairesse Jackson, Alion Science and Technology

Ambreen Javed, Integrated Management Strategies

Pulkit Kapila, Core-CSI LLC

Heather Lacroix, ChenegaTI

Christine Lanning, Integrated Security Technologies, Inc.

Timothy Lowman, EmeSec Incorporated

Wendy Maurer, GCubed Enterprises, Inc.

Jeff Mironcow, Coder Technologies, Inc.

Lisa Shea Mundt, The Pulse of Government Contracting

Laura Owens, Treada Technology Group

Ludmilla Parnell, GDIT

Thomas Perry, VG Systems

Nancy Peters, CACI

Fabian Plath, Tyto Athene, LLC

Rohini Rao, Info Soft Systems, Inc.

Calvin Rhodes, IP-Plus Consulting, Inc.

Terrie Rollins, RMR Technology Group

Gretchen Schreiber, ALEX Alternative Experts

Shivaji Sengupta, NXTKey Corporation

Bijal Shah, Trewon Technologies

Rakhi Sharma, Rigil Corporation

Lisa Smiley, Walker and Associates Inc.

Matthew Stratford, BridgePhase 

Sangita Subramanian, OM Group Inc

William Swann, Watershed Security

Paul Thielen, Interloc Solutions

Tan Wilson, Entellect LLC

Kimberly Wright, D&O Security Solutions LLC


Amy Fadida, A.M. Fadida Consulting

Anitha Raj, Technology Committee, ARAR Technology

Les Owens, Cyber Committee, Treada Technology

Daniel Turissini, Homeland Security Committee, Spyrus

Clairesse Jackson, Alion Science & Technology

Mark Arnold, CieloGov 

Chris Cusano, Blue Triangle

David Pak, USMax Corporation

Eric Strauss, Connected Logistics