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Upcoming AFCEA Events

Military Satellite Communications in a Net-Centric World Virtual Course
05/11/2021 - 05/13/2021
Virtual, VA

Satellite communications dominate current and planned military and governmentcommunications systems and make Net-Centric Warfare possible. This 3-day course providesa review of current and future military satellite communications. Internet protocol (IP)and IP over Satellite (IPoS) are addressed showing this protocol's strengths andweaknesses as a facilitator of Net-Centric warfare.All of the current and future military and commercial satellite systems are describedincluding MILSATCOM's evolution. The topics provide a perspective of satellitecommunications for military applications.

AFCEA Innovation Connection (II)
05/14/2021 - 05/14/2021
Online, Web

The Innovation Subcommittee of AFCEA's Small Business Committee is launching a program to focus on new, disruptive and emerging technologies. Called the Innovation Connection, the program offers the small business community--from start-ups to seasoned entrepreneurs--the opportunity to gain visibility and showcase innovative technology to a small group from the U.S. government, venture capitalist community and industry. Innovations in all emerging areas, including cyber, IT, AI/ML, blockchain, quantum science and autonomy, are invited to participate.

TechNet Augusta: Solution Series Episode Three: "Developing the Workforce in Support of Multi-Domain Operations"
05/18/2021 - 05/19/2021

AFCEA will be holding TechNet Augusta as a series of virtual events from January until May, leading up to our regularly scheduled in-person event in August, 2021. Content and networking will focus on key Army actions necessary to successfully Converge Information Capabilities in Support of Multi-Domain Operations.

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