Press Releases

Tuesday October 19, 2021
TRSS's PhishRSS Wins AFCEA's EPIC Annual App Challenge  GlobeNewswire

Thursday May 6, 2021
AFCEA International Reveals Its Spring 2021 Awards Winners  GlobeNewswire

Monday August 2, 2021
Brig. Gen. Paul Fredenburgh, USA (Ret.) Joins AFCEA International as Executive Vice President for National Security  GlobeNewswire

Tuesday April 13, 2021
AFCEA International Announces The Cyber Edge Writing Contest Winners  GlobeNewswire

Wednesday December 2, 2020
AFCEA International Recognizes Exceptional Engagement  GlobeNewswire

Monday June 7, 2021
AFCEA Proud to Announce New Board Chairman, Vice Chairwoman, and Executive Committee members  GlobeNewswire

Tuesday April 14, 2020
AFCEA International Announces Writing Contest Winners  GlobeNewswire

Friday December 11, 2020
SIGNAL Kids Magazine Explores Cybersecurity  GlobeNewswire

Tuesday October 27, 2020
Partnership Extends Reach  GlobeNewswire

Wednesday September 30, 2020
6th Sense Wins EPIC Challenge  GlobeNewswire

Thursday September 24, 2020
Lax Cybersecurity Threatens Missions  GlobeNewswire

Thursday March 5, 2020
Sea Services Examine Threats, Technologies  GlobeNewswire

Monday February 10, 2020
US Navy Ups Its Game in Information Warfare  GlobeNewswire

Friday May 17, 2019
Military Tackles Cyber, Acquisition, Data Challenges  GlobeNewswire

Friday February 28, 2020
Army Pursues Revolutionary Network Environment  GlobeNewswire

Thursday July 9, 2020
Robotics Makes a Giant Leap  GlobeNewswire

Tuesday March 31, 2020
Calling All 3D Printer Owners  GlobeNewswire

Monday August 24, 2020
AFCEA DC Announces Executive Board for 2020-2021  GlobeNewswire