AFCEA Small Business Webinar: Federal Contractor Compliance with COVID 19 Protocols: Crucial Concepts and Considerations

Federal Contractor Compliance with COVID 19 Protocols: Crucial Concepts and Considerations

December 13, 2021 | 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. ET

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New federal COVID-19 safety protocols and guidance are among the most impactful government contracting developments of the year. Compliance means contractors and their subs must meet a slew of new safety protocols, such as:

  • Employee vaccination mandates
  • Monitioring/documenting employee vaccination status
  • Masking/physical distancing requirements
  • Related weekly monitoring
  • Signage creation
  • Designation of a COVID-19 coordinator

With all the misinformation out there, do you know what is required? If you do business with the federal government, you must understand your new obligations or risk major noncompliance issues.

Don't miss this webinar.

Experienced government contracts attorney Maria Panichelli details what you need to know, explains where the new protocols came from, and walks you through compliance requirements in detail, including who and what contracts are covered, and what covered contractors must do to be compliant.

Maria will discuss medical and religious accommodations, answer common questions related to enforcement, interation/conflict with other laws and subcontractor compliance, and address key considerations contractors must keep in mind for new contracts and modifications to existing contracts.


About our speaker:

Maria L. Panichelli, Esq. is a partner, and the Chair of the Government Contracting department, at the law firm of Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel.  Maria focuses her practice exclusively on federal government contracting and small business procurement.  Her clients include both prime and sub-contractors across a diverse array of industries, doing business with a variety of federal agencies; Maria’s clients are located all across the USA and abroad.  Maria guides these clients through each stage of federal procurement.  Her practice includes, among other things: pre- and post-award bid protests (both on behalf of protestors and, in post-award situations, also on behalf of intervenors); contract interpretation and performance counseling; the preparation and negotiation of Requests for Equitable Adjustments and Contract Disputes Act (CDA) Claims; CDA Claims appeal litigation before the Boards of Contract Appeal and the Court of Federal Claims; statutory and regulatory compliance counseling; FAR-compliant subcontract drafting and negotiation; resolution of subcontractor disputes (including the negotiation of liquidating agreements, and the use of pass-through claims and Miller Act bond claims); contract terminations; and all aspects of small business procurement including certification, size/status protests, and teaming/JVs and the mentor protégé programs.  Maria is active in a number of federal contracting-related professional associations, is a regular author of government–contracting related content, and is a frequent lecturer at agency, government contracting, and small business conferences.





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