Women in Education

Keen focus on the early years of students' education will help increase the popularity of participation in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, better known as STEM—particularly among girls. 

Our latest interview is with Major General Sandra Finan, Deputy Chief Information Officer for C4, who began her career as a primary education music teacher before returning to tech school to learn how to program computers. The lack of focus on STEM during the early school years is "part of the problem we have in recruiting into the STEM fields,” Gen. Finan states. “I have a hard time finding really technical U.S. citizens. When the national labs are looking for the people with Ph.D.s in these really hard subjects of nuclear physics or nuclear engineering, in chemical engineering, it's actually hard to find U.S. citizens for those positions."

We need to start attracting people at a very young age, which means we have to invest in mentoring and engagement programs where we get out as early as possible in elementary schools and get youngsters interested in the technology. More and more, we're not exposing our young children to all of that technology,” Gen. Finan shares. “When it comes time for them to make a choice, it never occurs to them to choose a hard technical field.

Read the full interview with Gen Finan.

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