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List of our Upcoming AFCEA Events

AFCEA events deliver cost-effective educational opportunities, an inspired, connected global community and an exceptional experience, whether you are deployed, serving at home or serving those who serve.

Robust Engagement

Dialogue among industry, government and military organizations takes place before, during and after our events.

  • AFCEA events are planned with the audience in mind. Speakers, panel topic and dedicated networking time are built into each conference. 
  • Senior government leaders take advantage of AFCEA events to communicate their needs and inform industry of upcoming opportunities.
  • AFCEA’s corporate members include virtually every significant corporate player in the global security space, and many participate in our events.
  • A large percentage of AFCEA corporate members are small businesses, and these companies bring innovation and teaming opportunities to all our events.


Cost Effective

AFCEA develops events for our customer, not for our profit.

  • Conference fees are among the lowest in the industry
  • Events are located near government installations to reduce travel costs
  • Many sessions qualify as continuing education at no additional charge. Breakfasts, luncheons and social events are optional
  • AFCEA chapters worldwide offer conferences in their local areas


Education Is an AFCEA Core Mission

An informed and connected community benefits all.

  • Carefully developed sessions, panels, and theaters, often in coordination with government leaders, ensure relevance of content
  • Approved continuing education sessions and support certification maintenance support adds value
  • Education session attendance verification documentation is offered to AFCEA members
  • Professional development or leadership training opportunities take place at most events
  • Scholarship award presentations from our Educational Foundation highlight the success of those in our community. AFCEA International, the AFCEA Educational Foundation and AFCEA chapters invest approximately $2 million in scholarships to military veterans, ROTC students and STEM students and teachers annually.


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