AFCEA Homeland Security Committee White Papers

AFCEA Committees bring together the top thought leaders to collaborate on issues of national and global importance. Often a subject is addressed that evolves into a white paper for distribution to higher levels, including governemnt and military leadership. The following represent the work of the AFCEA Homeland Security Committee. A list of additional AFCEA white papers is also available.

Fortifying the Nation's Changing Emergency Preparedness Plans, June 2022

The increasing adoption of remote/telework policies by federal departments and agencies - combined with more severe and frequent natural disasters and manmade threats - challenge traditional plans for federal continuity of operations and continuity of government (COOP/COG). The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency's Community Lifelines offer a framework for considering a Shelter in Place Continuity of Operations approach, and this paper uses that framework to fortify planning for a remote workforce.


Supply Chain Cybersecurity, March 2022

Supply Chain Cybersecurity includes a complex of everyday operating issues affected by a network of known and unknown connections, services and components. In this white paper, the AFCEA Homeland Security Committee provides a strategic overview of the supply chain cyber issues from the perspective of vendor operational security.


The Importance of Partnerships To Securing the Homeland, October 2017

By bringing together and leveraging the strengths of homeland security stakeholders in partnerships to achieve efficiencies and enhance technological impact, we are improving the homeland security posture. But much more work needs to be done.

Additional AFCEA White Papers