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Automated High Frequency Radio

COURSE DESCRIPTION: A century-old wireless technology is experiencing a resurgence of interest from warfighters worldwide. Fourth-generation (4G) wideband high frequency (HF) radios are now emerging to satisfy military needs for an alternative to satellites for mission-critical beyond line-of-sight communications. In the 100+ years since Marconi demonstrated trans-Atlantic communications, HF radio has matured from a quirky, temperamental medium requiring highly trained operators to a reliable, low-cost, automated technology with global reach. This class was developed to satisfy the need of government and industry worldwide to understand and apply 2G and 3G HF systems, and the exciting new 4G wideband (WBHF) technology for sending video and high-speed data over HF radio.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this class is to help military officers, government personnel, and industry managers understand the opportunities and challenges presented by HF radio communications, and the ability of the new generations of HF radio technology to overcome the difficulties and provide reliable, economical, long-range communications.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This class is particularly suited for: • U.S. and Allied communications engineers and planners, who will learn how to apply modern high frequency radio technology • U.S. and Allied acquisition professionals who must make decisions about HF radio systems • Industry salespersons who want to understand the emerging generations of HF radio technology

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Eric E. Johnson has been a key contributor to HF radio automation for over three decades, both in the U.S. and in the NATO Beyond-Line-of-Sight Communications Capability Team. He chairs both the NATO CaT and the Government/Industry Technical Advisory Committee that guides the development of U.S. Military Standards. He is the author or editor of four of the current generation of U.S. and NATO standards for HF protocols and modems: MIL-STD-188-141D, STANAG 4538, MIL- STD-188-110D, and STANAG 4539. Dr. Johnson is the lead author of Advanced High-Frequency Radio Communications and Third-Generation and Wideband HF Radio Communications. He is Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at New Mexico State University.

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