2019 Copernicus Awards (for accomplishments in 2018)

Copernicus Winners pose with their awards in front of a dark blue curtain with the logos of AFCEA and the U.S. Naval Institute and the American flag at WEST 2019

(Pictured, from left to right: LT Justin S. McCarthy, USN; Maj Michael D. Bishoff, USMC; LT Tricia Ghunney-Courton, USN;  CWO2 Jason A. Steele, USCG; LT Matthew S. King, USN; IT2 James T. Fitzgerald, USCG; LT Christopher R. Jennings, USN; ET2 Chrystopher L. Sapp, USCG; CTNC Thomas C. Adams, USN; IT2 Brenda C. Hansen, USN)


Award Winners 

2019 Copernicus Winners (accomplishments in 2018)

CTNC Thomas C. Adams, USN
Navy Information Operations Command Georgia

Maj Michael D. Bishoff, USMC
Marine Wing Communications Squadron 38

IT2 James T. Fitzgerald, USCG
National Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Center

LT Tricia Ghunney-Courton, USN
Hopper Information Services Center

LT Milton L. Gray, III, USN
U.S. Cyber Command

IT2 Brenda C. Hansen, USN
Coastal Riverine Squadron FOUR

LT William D. Henry, USN
Cyber Strike Activity SIXTY THREE

LT Christopher R. Jennings, USN
U.S. 7th Fleet

IT1 Robert D. Jones, USN
White House Communications Agency

MSgt Chad D. Kelly, USMC
2d Tank Battalion, 2d Marine Division

LT Matthew S. King, USN
Navy Information Operations Command Pensacola

LT Justin S. McCarthy, USN
Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

Mr. Steven W. McMiller
Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic

Mr. Andrew D. Quill
Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group

ET2 Chrystopher L. Sapp, USCG
USCGC Monomoy (WPB 1326)

Mr. Scott D. Sarama
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

CWO2 Jason A. Steele, USCG
Office of C4 & Sensors Capabilities

LCDR Jason C. Vining, USN
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Space Field Activity


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