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Exhibits Sales, Defense and Homeland Security J. Spargo and Associates   Email or call 703-995-2567

Defense Events

Tammy Goehring
Senior Director, Events
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Gina McGovern
Senior Director, Industry Programs
Email or call 703-631-6236


Defense Events

Terry Rogers
Manager, Events
Email or call 703-631-6238

Defense Events

Julie Walter
Manager, Events
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Homeland Security Events

Ben Smith
Manager, Homeland Security Programs
Email or call 703-631-6126

Intelligence Events 

Tina Vicioso
Manager, Intelligence Events
Email or call 703-631-6250

Small Business Events

Elizabeth Moon
Manager, Small Business Programs
Email or call 703-631-6152


Event Show Daily Advertising
Exhibitor Advertising Programs

Jennifer  Deuterman
Director, Advertising
Email or call 703-631-6181


Media and Press

Maryann Lawlor
Director, Communications
Email  or call 703-631-6179