Educational Foundation Awards

Each year, the AFCEA Educational Foundation recognizes hard work and dedication in both chapters and individuals.

Chapter Awards

AFCEA chapters that receive the awards have shown particular dedication to achieving the association’s education mission. Through mentoring, raising scholarship funds and increasing awareness of the need need to support science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students within the community, these chapters are recognized for their creativity and fortitude. Additional information about these awards is sent to chapters annually. Learn more about chapter awards.

Individual Awards

Many AFCEANs make STEM education their personal mission. In some cases, they are embarking on a career in communications with the military services. In others, they already are working in the field and continue to innovate and work diligently throughout their careers. AFCEA recognizes these individuals with a number of awards presented at both military academies and AFCEA events.

The following Individual awards are offered by The AFCEA Educational Foundation:

ROTC Honor Award

Military Academies Award

Copernicus Award


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