War Veterans Scholarship

AFCEA War Veterans Scholarships, Afghanistan and Iraq War Veterans

(Undergraduate Only)


Deadline: November 15, 2019

Check here for a link to the application in mid-August 2019

The AFCEA Educational Foundation is dedicated to providing academic support to U.S. military personnel. 
Scholarships are made possible in part by generous contributions from AFCEA's Northern Virginia Chapter

Merit-based scholarships of $2,500 will be awarded to: 

  • Persons on active duty in the uniformed military services
  • Honorably discharged U.S. military veterans (including Reservists and National Guard personnel) of the Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan or Iraqi Freedom Operations (years 2004-present)

Recipients must be currently enrolled and attending classes in an undergraduate program part time or full time in an eligible STEM major degree program at an accredited four year college or university in the U.S (see eligibility section paragraph 4 for list of acceptable STEM majors).

Distance-learning or online programs affiliated with a major U.S. institution are eligible.

Scholarship awards are subject to availability of funding.  Scholarship awards are restricted to tuition and course-related expenses, such as fees, books, supplies and equipment that are required for the courses at the university.

This information is in effect for the 2019-2020 school year.


Applicants must be

  1. U.S. citizen currently enrolled and attending a four-year accredited college or university in the United States as a sophomores or juniors at the time of application.  Freshman and senior level students are ineligible to apply.  You cannot apply the year you are graduating.
  2. Enrolled part time or full time in an eligible undergraduate degree program.
  3. An overall 3.0 GPA is required.
  4. Candidates must be majoring in the following C4I-related fields related to the mission of AFCEA: Biometry/Biometrics, Computer Engineering, Computer Forensics Science, Computer Programming, Computer Science, Computer Systems, Cybersecurity, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Geospatial Science, Information Science, Information Technology, Information Resource Management, Intelligence, Mathematics, Network Engineering, Network Security, Operations, Research, Physics, Robotics Engineering, Robotics Technology, Statistics, Strategic Intelligence, and Telecommunications Engineering
  5. Served in Afghanistan and/or Iraq War (from 2003 to present) - provide DD214 or Certificate of Service.  Paperwork must verify service in Afghantistan and Iraq.  Remove SSN.

War Veteran Teacher Certification Program:  Students actively pursuing a credential/licensure for the purpose of teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) subjects at a U.S. elementary, middle/intermediate and high schools are eligible. Current credential and licensure students must have completed a bachelor’s of science degree. Expected graduation/completion date cannot be in the year the scholarship is awarded.



Documents required:

1. At least two letters of recommendation will be required from field-of-study professors.  If that is not possible, we will accept recommendations from commanding officers/employers in the related field of study.  Instructions on electronic submission of the recommendation letters will be provided to the endorsers as part of the on-line application process.

2. An official transcript reflecting all college/university level study will be required.  Transcript should be mailed to this address if it cannot be sent electronically.

Ms. Amanda Goehring
AFCEA Educational Foundation
4400 Fair Lakes Court
Fairfax, VA 22033

3. DD214 or current service paperwork showing service in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Do not submit with SSN.

All items must arrive by the deadline date - electronic submissions in pdf format preferred.  If electronic submission is not possible, please send official document to the AFCEA address listed above.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, please contact the Educational Foundation EMAIL