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Midnight Sun Capture the Flag Online Qualifer
04/03/2020 - 04/04/2020

This Capture the Flag competition provides the opportunity for teams or individuals to challenge and compete in the art of computer security by finding and exploiting vulnerabilities to gain access to hidden or protected data, known as a flag. Society depends on technology that depends on the resilience of systems and the skills of people. The Midnight Sun CTF started as a common interest in technology skills and societal resilience between the Networked Systems Security (NSS) group at KTH, the HackingForSoju Team and those with a desire to promote the cybersecurity eco-system.

SIGNAL WEBINAR: Rapidly Sharing and Visualizing Real-time Multinational Geospatial Co-Production Data for International Defense
04/08/2020 - 04/08/2020

Whether it's fighting domestic and international terrorism or tracking the activities of rogue nations, effectively addressing national and international threats requires a group of like-minded nations and defense organizations. In today's dynamically changing military environment, it is critical for coalition forces and nontechnical users to help create and leverage a modern, up-to-date and globally available digital database for geospatial information and location intelligence.

Join us as experts in the geospatial field discuss how Hexagon solutions empower in-theater operators and nontechnical geospatial users to rapidly share and visualize mission-critical geospatial intelligence that meets Multinational Geospatial Co-Production Program standards.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Thycotic: Trust or Zero Trust? Working from Home and Going Beyond Privileged Access Management
04/16/2020 - 04/16/2020

Least privilege is intended to prevent over-privileged access by users, applications or services to help reduce the risk of exploitation without impacting productivity or involving the IT help desk. It may help to think of least privilege by its other name - least authority - as it provides only enough authority for an entity to complete the job at hand. The least privilege model can also help curtail costs and increase efficiency. Join this webinar to understand how to maximize the benefits of least privilege, and learn just how much privileged access is too much. Join Thycotic s Chief Security Scientist Joseph Carson and learn more about: The Principle of Least Privilege Realities of the Zero Trust Model Best practices to get back in control

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Okta: Accelerate Joint Coalition Interoperability with Zero Trust
04/22/2020 - 04/22/2020

Success in joint coalition interoperability will fundamentally rely on the ability to provide rapid delivery (and recall) of application assets as well as secure application access in both forward and non-forward deployed locations. A key innovative capability involves leveraging modern, API-based application access (such as secure VDI), zero trust defense using cloud identity and AI /ML threat data to rapidly and securely present applications to joint mission partners.

Here, zero trust starts with the assumption that nothing can be trusted to be a non-threat. Instead, the identity becomes the basis of the risk assessment and enables mission partners to deliver the right data to the right mission partner. In this session, we'll discuss how defense teams can leverage these tools to reduce risk while enabling agility and speed of the mission.

Corporate Member Briefing
07/01/2020 - 07/01/2020
AFCEA HQ and Online, Web

Whether you're new to AFCEA or a longtime member, attend from your desktop or in person to learn how to increase your footprint in the federal space; use AFCEA's brand to enhance your visibility; leverage AFCEA's network of global security and defense professionals across DOD and civilian agencies; participate via yourlocal chapter or on national-level committees; and receive discounts on advertising, event registration, sponsorship, and exhibits.

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