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SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by PESA: Leveraging Cloud and Edge-Based Video Distribution Systems (VDS) to Realize the JADC2 Vision for Command and Control
07/12/2022 - 07/12/2022

The Video Distribution System (VDS) provides the mission-critical eyes (video) and ears (audio) for all C2 centers. Learn how to leverage cloud and edge-based VDS to realize the JADC2 vision for command and control.

TechNet Augusta 2022 Webinar Channel Episode 1: Game Changer: Operationalizing Cybersecurity (CEU Approved)
07/13/2022 - 07/13/2022

This kick-off session focuses on the third line of effort (LOE) that the AUNP establishes, namely Security and Survivability Commander's Freedom of Action in Cyberspace. Presenters will explain how RMF 2.0 shifts from a culture of compliance to a culture of defend and react by monitoring the current cybersecurity posture by focusing on the right controls versus all controls. Approved for 1 GIAC CPE and 1 CertNexus CEC for CyberSec First Responder (CFR).

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by NOKIA: The Future of 5G in Sky and Space Non-Terrestrial Networks
07/14/2022 - 07/14/2022

5G heralds a generational step forward for cellular networks, bringing faster connection speeds and unlocking new use cases like AR/VR and IoT. The emergence of 5G also marks a significant industry disruption in terms of Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN). Learn about the current state of NTN technology as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Dragos: Building an Operational Technology/Control System Cybersecurity Workforce: A Whole Government Challenge
07/19/2022 - 07/19/2022

Discover what it takes to build a control systems cyber workforce, what skills are needed at the entry and mid-tier levels of this work role and touch on the knowledge that leaders and managers should have to connect with and lead these highly specialized professionals.

TechNet Augusta 2022 Webinar Channel Episode 2: Acquiring and Developing the Army's Cyber and Electromagnetic Warfare Professionals
07/20/2022 - 07/20/2022

In this webinar, participants will learn about the various paths and efforts toward recruiting America's most talented and innovative citizens and developing them into the world's most lethal, professional, ethical and technically competent cyber and electromagnetic warfare workforces.

TechNet Augusta 2022 Webinar Channel Episode 3: The Army Unified Network Plan Setting the Stage for the Unified Network
07/27/2022 - 07/27/2022

During this webinar, learn how the Unified Network will integrate the Army s various network efforts to allow secure and seamless communications using mission networks, support the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) with sister services, and the Mission Partner Environment (MPE) with partners and allies.

TechNet Augusta 2022 Webinar Channel Episode 4: Data and the Signal School: What We're Training and Where We're Going
08/03/2022 - 08/03/2022

The Army's transition to a Unified Network will enable Multi Domain Operations while increasing the requirement for signal soldiers to have a wider understanding of how to build and protect networks while managing the large movement of data.  This webinar will highlight how the U.S. Army Signal School is adjusting its curriculum to meet these new requirements, including how courses are being updated to provide education and training to facilitate operational data engineering and architecture to the tactical edge. 

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