AFCEA Army Signal Conference 2020 Archive

The Army CIO leadership and supporting industry addressed the theme, Data: The Ammunition of the Future Fight.  Participants focused on the issues, the opportunities, the initiatives, and the solutions related to this key component in the design of future command, control and communications supporting the Army.

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Upcoming AFCEA Events

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by PacStar: Deploy Your Future Tactical Network Now
09/23/2020 - 09/23/2020

Defense organizations are planning to implement an unprecedented array of technologies to ensure they maintain C5ISR overmatch integrated into tactical networks from the dismounted soldier all the way to the enterprise. These technologies enable mobility, autonomy, sensor integration, cyber defense, cloud access and resilient communications in limited environments. This webinar will detail key technologies that enable you to deploy and manage new, high performance, secure, tactical network infrastructure that is ready for the incorporation of advanced capabilities.

AFCEA Intelligence Committee Web Channel: Intelligence Analysis Tradecraft in an Open and Rapid World
09/24/2020 - 09/24/2020

Session one in a three-part webinar series brought to you by The AFCEA Intelligence Committee. A panel of public and private sector experts will explore analytic sourcing, structured analytic thinking, and security policy to capture how enduring analytic universals are evolving as data and technology progress.

JSEC Conference
09/29/2020 - 09/30/2020

This two-day virtual conference focuses on stock-taking and experiences in preparation of upcoming exercises, identifying needs and requirements with regard to information standardisation and cybersecurity, and learning about best practices from industry both for their own global logistics as well as for commercial options in support of military mobility.

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