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Small business ingenuity is a driver for government innovation, and AFCEA is the networking foundation for the small business community.

The AFCEA Small Business program encompasses the activities of AFCEA International, the Small Business Committee, and local AFCEA chapters. Our activities provide targeted networking and relationship building opportunities that enhance small businesses' efforts to develop and sustain business in the federal sector. 

Although small businesses might have the technical capabilities that government requires, they often need assistance with their business and networking efforts. That's where the AFCEA Advantage makes a difference. The association helps small businesses make the most of federal policies that are expanding the market and then assists them to turn opportunities into revenue. 

This program was the winner of the 2018 Best of Small Business Non-Profit award. 

Market Visibility

The association offers a variety of activities, including large-small matchmaking sessions, as part of AFCEA International conferences. The more you participate, the more market visibility you gain with other AFCEANs and government representatives.

Online Corporate Directory

This is one marketing tool you won’t want to pass up. Each AFCEA corporate member is entitled to include a description of its organization’s products and services in the AFCEA Corporate Directory. This searchable site enables potential customers and partners to find out more about your unique offerings. In addition to describing your company's niche skill set, you can include contract-building information such as NAICS Industry Codes, contract vehicles and current clients.


AFCEA Small Business programs bring small, medium and large organizations together to share insights and challenges, providing an environment to foster relationships and partnerships. We provide opportunities for collaboration and partnerships for our small business members to compete in the federal marketplace. AFCEA also offers increased access to goverment for development of customer relationships, information gathering and situational awareness.

Small Business Committee

The AFCEA Small Business Committee helps shape the association's small business benefits and provides an active focal point for the coordination of all AFCEA's small business programs.


The AFCEA Small Business program organizes educational and interactive events designed specifically for small businesses to help members strengthen and grow their companies. In addition, many of the chapters of AFCEA also have special events and programs focused on small business needs.

Educational Programs

AFCEA's educational programs allow small businesses to develop and hone the skills needed to increase efficiency and productivity.

Support and Discounts

We offer small business corporate members personal attention and discounts to increase market visibility and to become more business savvy in the federal contracting process.

Awards and Recognition

The AFCEA Small Business of the Year and the AFCEA Small Business Person of the Year (Industry and Government) and Small Business Advocate awards recognize the achievements of the talented and innovative AFCEA Small Business Community.


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