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AFCEA International and SIGNAL Media Sponsored Content Guidelines

Please review the information below prior to submitting content for consideration. These guidelines apply to all sponsored content appearing within AFCEA or SIGNAL Media brands, in print and digital forms, including enewsletters and on social media.

Sponsored Content Description

AFCEA and SIGNAL accept sponsored content that is based on thought leadership.  Thought leadership content is engaging, informative and educational. It is not heavily promotional.

Our thought leadership program includes sponsored articles that can appear in print or on our web sites. In addition, we accept sponsored content blurbs of 50-75 words  in our newsletters. These blurbs typically link back to content on the sponsor's site. We also produce and moderate sponsored webinars.  

Review Process

AFCEA or SIGNAL Media will review all content prior to publication, and we reserve the right to make minor grammar and punctuation corrections during that review. If we determine that substantial changes are needed to meet either our quality standards or our sponsored content criteria, we will contact the sponsor to request revisions or new material.

While sponsored content does not necessarily reflect the views of AFCEA or SIGNAL Media, we will not publish content that, in our opinion, would reflect negatively on the integrity, authority or brand of the association or SIGNAL Media. We reserve the right to reject or remove sponsored content that, in our opinion, is false, misleading, illegal, or inconsistent with AFCEA’s mission, core values, business operations or brand. https://www.afcea.org/site/mission-statement

Legal Considerations

Sponsors are responsible for ensuring that their content is adequately substantiated, accurate and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. The sponsor assumes liability for content it provides and for any claims arising there from made against AFCEA or SIGNAL Media.

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