TechNet Asia Pacific-18-Archive

TechNet Asia Pacific is the largest event in the Indo-Pacific Rim focusing on regional defense issues. Keynote speakers, panel moderators and panelists discussed defense policies and challenges in the Indo-Pacific region and their relevance to both industry and government. 


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11/29/2021 - 12/02/2021
Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, San Diego, CA

For more than 35 years the MILCOM conference has served as the pre-eminent forum for sharing research related to the unique challenges of military communications. The contributions from and collaborations across academia, industry, and government have been a hallmark of the conferences since its inception. IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) and AFCEA International (AFCEA) are proud to jointly sponsor this conference and remain strongly committed to the event due to the increasing criticality of communications and networking to future military operations.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by REDCOM: Zero Trust Architectures for the Tactical Edge
11/30/2021 - 11/30/2021

Discuss the state of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) today along with some of the challenges in bringing this technology to the edge and learn REDCOM's answer to this problem - a seamless, lightweight, easy-to-deploy authentication solution built from the bottom-up to meet the needs of users in the tactical domain.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Spirent: Complement Your Mission-Critical Cybersecurity Strategy with Proactive Assessments and Automation
12/02/2021 - 12/02/2021

Learn how a proactive cyber threat assessment and sound cybersecurity strategy help assess if your security investments work as intended, now and tomorrow.

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