NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND! TechNet Cyber 2020 was the staging area for military, industry and academia to discuss and plan how to achieve persistent engagement, persistent presence and innovation. The discussions during this event will lead to stronger resilience and better network defense going forward.

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Upcoming AFCEA Events

Technology Modernization and Innovation Conference
03/08/2021 - 03/09/2021

This virtual event will examine how industry sources and uses data. Speakers will look at today's systems use, incorporate plans for tomorrow and identify the people and processes involved to build a big picture view of how modern technology is a critical enabler of U.S. Army warfighters' success. Hosted by the Army CIO Enterprise Cloud Management Office, government and industry will be available, offering attendees an opportunity for engagement. One anticipated output is an understanding of how the Army can leverage industry best practices to modernize existing legacy systems.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Security Compass: Continuous Authorization with DevSecOps
03/09/2021 - 03/09/2021

The current approach to software development is a leading source of risk for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD): it takes too long exposing warfighters to unacceptable risk. To support national defense priorities, you need to deliver software rapidly and securely. DevSecOps practices and culture help improve both software delivery speed and cybersecurity. This webinar will introduce you to the concept of continuous authorization and indicate how to achieve it. Learn why software security is vital for the defense sector how to implement DevSecOps practices.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by PESA: Is Your Video Distribution Protected From Insider Threats and Cyber Attack?
03/11/2021 - 03/11/2021

Our missions are increasingly at risk of being compromised and hacked. The video, audio, KVM and control data are at risk even in a secure SCIF environment. Situational awareness relies on data for making accurate decisions in a timely manner. Protecting that critical information from threats is paramount to a mission s success. Learn where your video and audio data might be at risk and what can be done to protect your mission critical operations. Discover how and where are your systems vulnerable? What steps can be taken to secure your systems? What options exist today and what is on the horizon?

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