Young AFCEAN Advisory Council Members

The Young AFCEAN Advisory Council, also known as the YAAC, consists of six executive committee members, committee co-chairs, and regional Young AFCEANs (RYACs).

Executive Committee

Clinton Austin, Co-President non-NCR, Tampa-St. Petersburg Chapter
Alisha Kelly, Co-President NCR area, Northern Virginia (NoVa) Chapter
MSgt John Walker, USAF, Co-VP of International, Kaiserslautern Chapter 
Brandon Lester, Co-VP of International, Hawaii Chapter 
Rachel Maki, VP of Committees and External Affairs, Dayton Wright Chapter
Justin Newell, VP of Membership and Internal Affairs, Alamo Chapter

Committee Co-Chairs

Danny Sava VP of Membership and Internal Affairs, Tampa-St. Petersburg Chapter
Dr. Jennifer Miller, Northern Virginia (NoVa) Chapter

YAC Panels
Anastasia Cope, Coastal North Carolina Chapter

SIGNAL Magazine/Public Relations
Nick Little, Rocky Mountain Chapter
Nina Jacoby, Northern Virginia (NoVa) Chapter

Theresa Fox, Northern Virginia (NoVa) Chapter
Danielle Seifert, San Diego Chapter

Dr. Danny Sava, Tampa-St. Petersburg Chapter
MSgt. John Walker, Varna Chapter

Chapter Engagement
Stephanie Hutch, Lexington-Concord Chapter
Alyssa Ott, Alamo Chapter

Regional Young AFCEANs (RYACs)

Atlantic Region
  Joao Almeida

Florida Region
  Clinton Austin

Florida Region
  Reginald Keitt

Georgia Region
  Jesse Wilhite

Great Plains-Rocky Mountain
  Chris Colon

Great Plains-Rocky Mountain
  Dr. Andy Heo

Maryland Region
  Allegra Scott

Maryland Region
  Daniel Sowders

Mid-South Region
  Mark Lebedzinski

Mid-West Region
  Krystin Fakalata

Mid-West Region
  Derek Massey

National Capital Region
  Savin Joseph

National Capital Region
  Alisha Kelly

National Capital Region
  Jordan Loeb

National Capital Region
  Cara Odlen

National Capital Region
  Andrew Plofchan

New England-Upstate New York
  Sarah Loerzel

Nordic Region
  Anders Klintäng

Nordic Region
  Tom Samuelsson

Pacific Region
  Capt Courtney P Gallagher, USAF

Pacific Region
  Brandon Lester

Southwestern Region
  Danielle Seifer

Texas Region
  Dillon Watkins

Western Europe Region
  Miles Austin

Western Europe Region
  Todd Lynes

Western Europe Region
  George Rawlins

Western Region
  Nick Farinacci