Medium Corporate Member

ANSER, Analytic Services Inc.
Member Since: 1994 
Skyline Technology Center
Seven Skyline Place
Falls Church, Virginia 22041

  (703) 416-3141

President and Chief Executive Officer:
Dr. Ruth David

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer:
Thomas Benjamin

AFCEA Contact:
Mary Webb

Business Focus:
ANSER, an operating unit of Analytic Services, focuses resources and capabilities in areas that allow it to be at the forefront of challenges shaping the nation's future. ANSER looks over the horizon to anticipate emerging requirements while identifying the best ways to maximize its contributions.

ANSER deploys its team across five mission areas while 
harnessing analytic services' differentiating capabilities. 
Although its client base is broad, specific practice areas 
include joint operations; global threats and intelligence; 
mission assurance; operations analysis and management; and 
science and technology.

Federal government agencies that focus on national and homeland security.

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