Medium Corporate Member

Quest Software Inc.
Member Since: 1999 
Public Sector Office
700 King Farm Boulevard, Suite 250
Rockville, Maryland 20850

  (301) 820-4800

Chief Executive Officer:
Vinny Smith

Vice President, Public Sector:
Paul Garver

Public Sector and AFCEA Contacts:
Alisa Marino and Pearl Warren

Business Focus:
Quest Software Public Sector's innovation, expertise and focus make the company uniquely qualified to help customers get more performance and more productivity from their applications, databases and infrastructure.

Develops products 
for more performance and productivity. 
 For applications, 
 detects, diagnoses and resolves performance 
issue before affecting end users. For databases, 
improves performance, availability and manageability. 

Fourteen million government end users. Products and services: purchased through federal, state and local contracts, including GSA, SEWP, ITES. Customers include: U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of Agriculture.