Medium Corporate Member

Sypris Electronics, LLC
Member Since: 2004 
10901 North McKinley Drive
Tampa, Florida 33612


Director, Business Development:
Joel Stein

Business Development Manager, Secure Products:
Jennifer Limeri-Maita

Business Focus:
Sypris Electronics is a global, integrated systems solutions provider. Our ruggedized electronic encryption products, cybersecurity operations and analytics products, consulting and training services, as well as electronic manufacturing capabilities are aligned through the best people, practices, and technologies to continually exceed customer expectations. Sypris consistently promotes an agile, innovative culture and a state-of-the-art solution set by strategically partnering with leading-edge technology companies, agencies and universities. With 50 years of experience, Sypris is proud to develop, manufacture and integrate leading technologies that secure our global partners' interests.

Cybersecurity operations and analytics, Cybersecurity training, electronic key management and fill devices, next-generation cryptographic solutions, Systems assembly/integration, dedicated space manufacturing, integrated design. 

Department of Defense, civil and intelligence organizations, aerospace and defense prime contractors. International Governments and Ministries of Defence

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