Small Corporate Member

Owl Computing Technologies Inc.
Member Since: 2001 
38A Grove Street, Suite 101
Ridgefield, Connecticut 06877

Telephone: 866-695-3387

Vice President:
Dave Graham

Manager, Sales and Customer Service:
Dennis Lanahan

Business Focus:
Owl Computing Technologies is the leading source for next generation network security. Owl's DualDiode Technology®, a proprietary data diode, has been successfully deployed in over 1500 solutions across government, military and critical infrastructure networks. Owl's hardware-enforced technology enables secure, reliable and robust information sharing for all files sizes and data types. Owl Computing products are deployed in numerous accredited solutions throughout the DOD and the U.S. intelligence community.

The Owl Advantage
Owl's advanced technology is an unparalleled, impenetrable network security solution designed for absolute network confidentiality, data integrity, and system availability.
Owl DualDiode Technology, a patented data diode, coupled with Owl transfer applications--for all data types--results in hardware-enforced, non-routable technology, enabling secure and robust information sharing. Owl solutions are all protected by Owl Security Enhanced Linux Operating System.

Owl Focus
- Data transfer applications integrate
seamlessly using transport layer protocols

- Mission-specific enterprise solutions
delivered ready for use

- U.S. Government-cleared personnel and
Subject Matter Experts

- Secure supply chain, R&D, and

- Known costs with no O&M cost creep

- Specialized application transfer products
available: OPC, OSIsoft® PI, InvensysTM
ArchestrA®, and others

Owl Capabilities
UAV Full Motion Video and Sensor Cross Domain Solutions
Owl Cross Domain Solution Small Form Factor
Surveillance Data Collection
Miniaturized Cross Domain Solutions
Dismounted Soldier and Tactical Vehicle CDS
Tactical Edge CDS
Enterprise Cross Domain Solutions
UCDMO Validated Products
Electronic Perimeter Defense for Critical Infrastructure
ICS Protection and ICS Data Transfer
OPC and Historian Replication
Industrial Control Subnet and Insider Threat Protection
SCADA Network Protection
Security Information and Event Management
Defense and Intelligence
Critical Infrastructure
All Industries
Secure Software Updates and Patch Management
Secure and Automated Software Updating
Data Transfer Applications
Secure Operating Systems
Product Technical Services
Accreditation / Commissioning Services
Installation Support
Lifecycle and Configuration Management Services
Security Operations Monitoring

- Oil and Gas in North America, Europe, and Middle East; - Electric and Water Utilities in North America and Europe; - Chemicals in Asia and Middle East; - Telecommunications in North America and Europe; - Mining in North America; - Defense in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia; - Services - Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and Combat Commands; - Intelligence Community in North America and Europe

Annual Sales:
less than $25 million

Access to Contract Vehicles:

Global Compliance & Certifications U.S. NRC and NERC-CIP Compliant NIAP Common Criteria EAL-4 Certified UCDMO Validated Products OPC Certified EU-TUV Compliant

Small Business Status:
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