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Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC
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Mike Timan

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Dennis Lanahan

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Owl Cyber Defense Solutions is the proven leader in data diode technology, for assured network security and one-way cross domain data transfers. Trusted by the world's most respected organizations to protect their sensitive digital assets, our market-first cybersecurity solutions are designed to exceed even the most demanding security and operational requirements. With thousands of deployments across intelligence agencies, military installations, and some of the largest industrial and commercial organizations, Owl sets the global standard in network cybersecurity. OWL FOCUS - Protect the world's most sensitive data networks and equipment with accredited and validated cybersecurity technology - Build applications for seamless one-way data transfer using transport layer protocols - Deliver mission-specific enterprise solutions ready for use - Provide known costs with no O&M cost creep - Create the highest quality and reliability products on the market

Owl advanced data diode technology provides an unparalleled, impenetrable network security solution designed for absolute network confidentiality, data integrity, and system availability.

Owl solutions are built on a patented data diode, coupled with Owl transfer applications, enabling hardware-enforced network segmentation and a secure and robust one-way information transfer. Owl also provides a number of UCDSMO validated and accredited solutions, already listed on the Baseline with ATO for expedient deployment. All solutions are protected by Owl Security Enhanced Linux Operating System.

- OCDS-ST06: Cross domain UDP streaming for MPEG-TS video
- OCDS-ST07: Cross domain sensor data streaming
- OCDS-ST08: Cross domain full-motion video streaming
- ECDS-FT01: High-speed cross domain file transfer
- OCDS-FT15: Cross domain file transfer
- ECDS-PT01: Cross domain Ethernet packet transfer
- MCDS: Miniaturized cross domain solution

- OPDS-5D: DIN rail compatible, single-box data diode for one-way data transfers up to 5 Mbps
- OPDS-100: 1U single-box data diode for one-way file/video/data transfers up to 155 Mbps
- OPDS-100D: DIN rail compatible, single-box data diode for one-way file/video/data transfers up to 155 Mbps
- OPDS 1000: 1U single-box data diode for one-way file/video/data transfers up to 1 Gbps
- EPDS: 2U two-box, enterprise-level data diode solutions for one-way file/video/data transfers up to 10 Gbps

- SSUS: Secure software update and patch management application
- MDRS: Multi-level cross domain data retrieval application
- OPMS: Application for centralized monitoring and management of multiple Owl solutions
- OLFS: Automated performance data collection and forwarding application
- OPTS: OSIsoft PI historian replication and transfer application
- OSTS: OPC data transfer application
- OV2S: Remote screen view application, including HMIs
- SDTS: Secure database replication and transfer application
- MBTS: Modbus data transfer application
- RFTS: Automated file and directory transfer and replication application

- Product Technical Services
- Accreditation / Commissioning Services
- Installation Support
- Lifecycle and Configuration Management Services
- Security Operations Monitoring

- Defense in North America (U.S. Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and Combat Commands), Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Australia - Intelligence Community in North America and Europe - Government Agencies in North America, Europe, and Australia - Oil and Gas in North America, Europe, and Middle East - Electric and Water Utilities in North America and Europe; - Chemicals in Asia and Middle East; - Telecommunications in North America and Europe; - Mining in North America;

Annual Sales:
$20 million

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NRC and NERC-CIP Compliant NIAP Common Criteria EAL-4 Certified UCDSMO Validated & Accredited Products OPC Certified EU-TUV Compliant NATO Information Assurance Product Catalog Listed DHS SAFETY Act Certified & Approved

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