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Texas Memory Systems
Member Since: 2002 
10777 Westheimer, Suite 600
Houston, Texas 77042

  (713) 266-3200

Woody Hutsell

Marketing Communications and Event Manager:
Jennifer Pappas Blancas

Business Focus:
Texas Memory Systems designs and builds solid-state storage systems for accelerating essential enterprise applications. The award-winning RamSan product line, known as "The World's Fastest Storage," delivers fast, reliable and economical solutions to a broad base of enterprise and government clients worldwide. Founded in 1978, Texas Memory Systems continues to architect and engineer the future of solid-state storage.

RamSan-440 (RAM-based, 512 GB, 600K IOPS), RamSan-620 (5 TB Flash-based, 200k IOPS), RamSan-20 (450 GB PCIe card), GSA DSP 
accelerator card, XP-30, 16 GFLOPS, PCI, GSA.

Air Force, Navy, Army, Raytheon, NG, LM, most of the IC and many heavy database users (such as financial and medical).

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