Medium Corporate Member

Codan Radio Communications
Member Since: 2004 
20098 Ashbrook Place, Suite 195
Ashburn, Virginia 20147


Operations Manager US Office:
John Eschenfelder

Sales Manager:
Steve Chipok

Office Administrator:
Caitlin Vogel

Business Focus:
Codan provides critical communications capabilities for peacekeeping, military and security forces' tactical and strategic needs. Codan's radio comms solutions include HF (1.5-30 MHz) radios with ALE voice, data, GPS and telephony with multiple COMSEC capabilities. Radio systems are scalable, turnkey software-based solutions that provide OTA monitoring and control. Interoperability to other HF platforms is provided with crossband capabilities to VHF, UHF and APCO-25 through the MRX. Certifications include JITC, MIL-STD, FED-STD and STANAG.

2110M 25 W transceiver (65 hours battery life); NGT ASR, the smallest/lightest 125 W radio; and MRX 125/500/1 kW deployable system (data, GPS, telephony). 

Peacekeeping, humanitarian, border security, counternarcotics and military in more than 150 countries.

Annual Sales:
$169.6 million.

Small Business Status:
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